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Excursion «New Year in the North 30.12-01.01 (Nof Ginosar)»

Important information

We invite you to join us on a 3-day New Year's trip to the north of Israel.
Our program includes a visit to the main Christmas tree in Haifa, Nazareth, and also we will see the Yarka in all its New Year's glory.
Christmas tree in the hotel lobby, champagne, disco and festive dinner!

Price: 1690 ₪ / pax based on double occupancy in a Standard room.
(From Jerusalem - 2190 ₪ / pax)

Included in cost:
• Accommodation 2 nights / 3 days at the Nof Ginosar hotel (01.01 check-out until 16:00)
• 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner)
• Transfer to the hotel and back
Excursions according to the program
Champagne and festive disco
• Accompanying a Russian-speaking group leader
• Information support

Day 1
We will visit New Year's Haifa with its street fairs and New Year's performances. On the way, we will see the magnificent Caesarea, visit the Shuni Park. We will visit the Carmelite Monastery and the Bahai Gardens (overview). We will walk through the German courtyard and come to the main Christmas tree in Haifa. From there we move to a hotel located right on the banks of the Kinneret.

Day 2
After breakfast we will drive to Nazareth. On the main square of the city, a few meters from the place where the Archangel Gabriel announced the good news to Mary, there is the largest Christmas tree in the Middle East. Then we will visit the Church of the Annunciation and the Orthodox Church of the Archangel Gabriel. After that we will go to the largest Druze village - Yarka. On the eve of the New Year, you will plunge into the atmosphere of magic. These are streets decorated with New Year's garlands, fairs and performances, fabulously decorated Christmas trees. We return to the hotel and ours is waiting for a festive dinner and a disco.

Day 3
After breakfast we leave the hotel and head to the Temple of the Twelve Apostles.
We will visit the Jordan River. And we will go to Kfar Kama to the Circassians.


Самая большая в Израиле друзская деревня Ярка – расположенная в Западной Галилее, на севере от Акко и в 42 км от Хайфы. Считается, что деревня названа в честь Хушая из Архи, советника царя Давида, который похоронен в этом месте. Его могилу посещают и друзы и евреи. Друзская деревня известная своим большим торговым центром


Nazareth, is the third most important city for Christians after Jerusalem and Bethlehem, here the childhood and youth of Jesus Christ passed. Nazareth got its name from the Hebrew word "netzer" - a branch, although in modern Hebrew this word is not used to denote a branch. Nazareth was first mentioned in the Gospel.
According to archaeological excavations, there used to be an agricultural settlement, where only a few families lived, including the holy family (the Blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ). The significant Christian shrine in Nazareth is undoubtedly the grotto of the Annunciation, over which the Temple of the Annunciation was erected. In the vicinity of the city there are: Sepphoris National Park - the parental home of Mary, the remains of the Crusader fortress and other archaeological sites.
It is because of this that Jesus is called “ha-Nozri,” which means Nazarene.


Thanks to the Roman emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Elena,  were built churches on the territory of the Holy Land celebrating the main gospel events: the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.  According to the Christian tradition, Mary lived here exactly when the archangel Gabriel announced the good news about the birth of the messiah, thats why this place it seems to be unique.
The modern church was erected in 1969 and is the largest Catholic church in the entire Middle East. The church consists of two levels, the lower level is the grotto, where, upon giving, was Virgin Mary during the Annunciation. You should pay attention to the frescoes that have come down to us from the past and miraculously preserving their almost original appearance.
In the grotto there is a throne with a marble circle, where the message is written in Latin: "Verbum caro hic factum est" - "Here your word has become flesh."


This is a huge freshwater lake, which is also called the Sea of Galilee. It is the main source of fresh water for the whole of Israel. Despite the small size of the Kinnereth, more than 30% of fresh water is taken from it for the needs of the country. In the Kinnereth there are many different types of fish, therefore, fishing industry is thriving here. And coastal fish restaurants are famous for cooking fish dishes according to recipes that have remained virtually unchanged since the times of Jesus Christ. On the shore of the Kinnereth you can relax greatly. Near Tiberias, there are many sanitized paid beaches. History lovers also will not remain indifferent to the sights preserved from biblical times.


the Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles is the Greek Temple of  and the monastery of the Greek Orthodox Church. According to legend, the temple stands in place of the house where the Lord healed paralysis.


Caesarea was built by the Jewish king Herod the Great, in honor of the Roman Caesar Octavian Augustus. From here the city got its name.
The city occupied an important position. Here was the Roman prosecutor's office and the main base of the Roman legion in Judea.
Today Caesarea attracts tourists, first of all, of course, for its ancient artifacts, buildings and ruins. Artifacts found during excavations will give an opportunity to touch the secrets of the "rich" life of the Roman nobility and ..... how can it be without Pontius Pilate?


The spiritual center on Mount Carmel in Haifa is one of the holiest places for Baha'i practitioners, the youngest monotheistic religion in the world. The center includes a temple, a tomb where the remains of the Bab, the ancestor of the faith, and famous gardens rest.

The tomb is an impressive building crowned by a gilded dome. It is equipped with a backlight. Thanks to her, the dome is illuminated at night, but so that it seems as if the source of radiance is inside it.

To get to the tomb, the guest have to go through the gardens that terraces cover the slope of Mount Carmel. There are twelve in all. Seeing this incredible work of human hands, you will understand why the gardens are called the eighth wonder of the world. The local collection contains about 450 species of various plants, among which there are unique flowers. Shrubs are sheared, and you probably will not find lawns more even and greener in the city. Add to this the fountains - isn't it awesome? Bahai Gardens is a monument not only to faith and its founder, but also to the harmony and great taste of architects.


Jordan is a river in the Middle East, considered being one of the most sacred rivers in the world.

Jordan originates at the foot of the Mount Hermon, flows through the Sea of Galilee, and runs into the Dead Sea. In its downstream it represents a natural border between Israel and Jordan.


Jordan is frequently mentioned in the Bible. According to the Old Testament, the Jewish people with Joshua crossed Jordan on dry land while its waters parted by miracle, thus completing the forty-year-long wandering of the Jews in the desert. Later, according to the Gospel, Jesus Christ was baptized in the waters of this river.


The quarter, which in Hebrew is called “Moshava Germanit”, was built about 150 years ago by protestant Templars, who moved from Germany to Palestine. The devout Germans changed their native places for the semi-wild Middle East for a certain reason. With their presence and creative hard work on the Promised Land, they expected to speed up the second coming of Christ. Of course, that did not work out. But Haifa obviously benefited from the German "expedition" – hear appeared one of the most comfortable urban areas with gingerbread houses, wine cellars and good hookahs. Perhaps this is the best place in the whole city for walking and shopping.


Try to describe Haifa in a few words, and... and you will fail. You can travel to this city alone or with the family. It does not matter how old you are, what kind of relaxation you prefer and what impressions you long for. No one will feel bored here. No wonder they say that "Haifa is full of high".

Founded in a time before remembering and known since the Roman era, today's Haifa is a metropolis. It proudly bears two honorary titles: the country's main port and northern capital.

There are two must see objects in the city – small and huge one. The first is the underground funicular train. The tiniest in the world! It has a poetic name – "Carmelit." All because the train rolls through the tunnel, penetrating the Mount Carmel.


The second is a huge Bahai temple, the domes of which can be seen from everywhere in the city, and its gardens. Baha'i faith is one of the world’s youngest monotheistic religions.



Между Кфар-Тавор и Шароной находится Кфар-Кама – место, где живут только черкесы. Это деревня, и она достаточно крупная – порядка 3 тыс. жителей. Они сохранили свою культуру и язык. Им пользуются и в обязательном порядке изучают в местной школе.

Если вам придется побывать в Кфар-Каме, зайдите в музей. Об одной из самых известных черкесских традиций – похищении невесты – вы наверняка слышали. Но это, конечно, не все. Сотрудники всегда рады гостям и расскажут массу интересного о других традициях своего народа и его истории. 

Чтобы окунуться в культуру черкесов еще глубже, приезжайте на праздник или в выходной. Есть шанс попасть на фестиваль и собственными глазами увидеть знаменитые черкесские танцы. 



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