Excursion «14. Underground Acre Halls of the Crusaders. Bahá'ís in Haifa»

Important information

Haifa is the capital of the north of the country.

Visit the Bahá'í gardens and descend the terraces. The tour includes a descent of several hundred steps. The route does not include a visit to the Shrine of the Bab.

All visitors need to pay attenshion that Gardens are an integral part of the sacred complex of the Bahai faith. The visiting of the Gardens is possible only in modest clothing. On the territory of the Gardens can not smoke and chew gum.

Acre is the capital of the Crusaders. You will be able to witness with your own eyes the ancient fortress walls, the oriental bazaar, ancient streets of Turkish times, the ancient seaport, the underground halls of the Crusader castle.


It is the city, within the walls of which is still heard the clang of swords and armor of the crusaders and war cries calling for battle. Acre is saturated with history and time has no power over this place. Sometimes it seems that it is moving perfectly in a chaotic direction. Monuments of the past and present mixed together here, but they appeared far from architectural badness, on the contrary brought a special atmosphere.
There is an ancient port, and fortresses of the crusaders, and Turkish baths (hamams), mosques and even a magical garden built during the crusaders. Among all the historical diversity it is difficult to single out one thing.: the city keeps the secret of the Templars, it hosted Napoleon, the legendary king Richard the Lionheart, and despite all the warriors, rulers and conquerors, Acre has never interrupted its settlement for more than five millennia and is one of the oldest cities in the world.


The spiritual center on Mount Carmel in Haifa is one of the holiest places for Baha'i practitioners, the youngest monotheistic religion in the world. The center includes a temple, a tomb where the remains of the Bab, the ancestor of the faith, and famous gardens rest.

The tomb is an impressive building crowned by a gilded dome. It is equipped with a backlight. Thanks to her, the dome is illuminated at night, but so that it seems as if the source of radiance is inside it.

To get to the tomb, the guest have to go through the gardens that terraces cover the slope of Mount Carmel. There are twelve in all. Seeing this incredible work of human hands, you will understand why the gardens are called the eighth wonder of the world. The local collection contains about 450 species of various plants, among which there are unique flowers. Shrubs are sheared, and you probably will not find lawns more even and greener in the city. Add to this the fountains - isn't it awesome? Bahai Gardens is a monument not only to faith and its founder, but also to the harmony and great taste of architects.


When the solders of the Knights Templar came to Palestinian lands, they settled in Jerusalem. In the XII century, Jerusalem was conquered by the Sultan Salah al-Din. After which the Templars moved to Acre, having built a powerful fortress there. Over time, it was destroyed, but the tunnel remained, which was accidentally discovered during repair work. Previously, the tunnel connected the fortress and the eastern port of the city. Now it is an interesting tourist attraction. The length of the tunnel is about 350 meters. Along its entire length, a wooden flooring is laid and lighting is installed. Currently, work is underway to restore another branch of the tunnel and open it to visitors.

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