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Excursion «508. Christmas in Haifa»

Important information

В течение двадцати лет в северной столице Израиля проводится Хаг а-Хагим – «Праздник Праздников»Хайфа — город многонациональный и мультикультурный. Хайфа в декабре сказочно красива. Празднично украшенные улицы, рестораны и магазины. Елка, впечатляющая своей красотой. Это период ярмарок, художественных выставок, уличных представлений и спектаклей.

Кейсария. Музей Ралли.

Монастырь Кармелитов.

Бахайские сады (обзорно). 

Немецкая колония. Главная ёлка Хайфы.


The spiritual center on Mount Carmel in Haifa is one of the holiest places for Baha'i practitioners, the youngest monotheistic religion in the world. The center includes a temple, a tomb where the remains of the Bab, the ancestor of the faith, and famous gardens rest.

The tomb is an impressive building crowned by a gilded dome. It is equipped with a backlight. Thanks to her, the dome is illuminated at night, but so that it seems as if the source of radiance is inside it.

To get to the tomb, the guest have to go through the gardens that terraces cover the slope of Mount Carmel. There are twelve in all. Seeing this incredible work of human hands, you will understand why the gardens are called the eighth wonder of the world. The local collection contains about 450 species of various plants, among which there are unique flowers. Shrubs are sheared, and you probably will not find lawns more even and greener in the city. Add to this the fountains - isn't it awesome? Bahai Gardens is a monument not only to faith and its founder, but also to the harmony and great taste of architects.


The relatively new Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art Rally, located in Caesarea (founded in the last decade of the twentieth century), is a popular destination for tourists. The museum is 700 square meters located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in a park area. The aim pursued by the founders of the museum is to draw people's attention to the visual art of Latin America. Four such museums have already been opened in the world today. Each of them exists without a commercial connotation, that is, admission here is free (which greatly expands the circle of visitors), and the museum has no cafes, no retail outlets, or souvenir shops. Also, on the way to the museum building, guests will enjoy a walk through a cozy courtyard, which contains many sculptures (including sculptures by Salvador Dali) and fountains.


The quarter, which in Hebrew is called “Moshava Germanit”, was built about 150 years ago by protestant Templars, who moved from Germany to Palestine. The devout Germans changed their native places for the semi-wild Middle East for a certain reason. With their presence and creative hard work on the Promised Land, they expected to speed up the second coming of Christ. Of course, that did not work out. But Haifa obviously benefited from the German "expedition" – hear appeared one of the most comfortable urban areas with gingerbread houses, wine cellars and good hookahs. Perhaps this is the best place in the whole city for walking and shopping.

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