Excursion «29. Hamat Gader»

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The greek city Gadera was built on the top of the hill overlooking Galilean sea (Kineret lake) and Yarmuk river. Hamat Gader was founded at the bottom of the hill in the value of the river on the little cape – hot springs of Gadera. The therapeutic propertiesof hot springs became very popular in Roman period. A large bathing complex that gaineda second place in size in Roman empire has been built in Hamat Gader. In ancient times famous rabbis, as well as the outstanding greek philosophies and teachers such as Meleagr and Philodemus were the visitors of these baths. Gadera with its hot springs was a part of Decapolis-a region of greek towns well known to Jesus. Just here on the lands of gadorians probably the most popular isralian resort after Eilat. The largest crocodile farm. Mini Safary.
Park. Waterfalls. Pools with hot and cold water. Jacuzzi. Waterslides. Fountains. Parrot circus. The water of hydrogen sulfide springs is rich with minerals which help strengtheninghealth. For the services of wishing is jacuzzi. Someone likes waterfalls. Unusual dance floor where grown up persons and children dance like mad to rhythmic music. From crocodile farm one can start going sightseeing- roman terms, roman theatre. The day of having rest. Jesus and his apostles were wandering, curing and preaching. Today Hamat Gader is This journey is not provided with guide services.


In the days of the Mishnah and Talmud, this place belonged to a city called Gader, or Gadara.  Bcause of that place it received part of  name.  The rest was determined by the hot springs that are here. Actually, the name translates as "Gader hot springs".

Now Hamat Gader is a popular resort. Guests come here to swim in five springs. The water in them has a temperature of 42 degrees and contains mineral salts in high concentration.

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