Quality control

Dear travel agents and tourists! Dear friends!

In order to continuously improve the services provided, the Atlantis travel company has introduced a QUALITY CONTROL system.

We are very responsible for the quality of the tourism product we sell, the level of service and the professionalism of our staff.
Therefore, not a single comment, complaint or claim of yours remains unconsidered by the Quality Control Department, which is directly subordinate to the Deputy General Director of the company.


- You are dissatisfied with the way you were served, talked to, provided with incomplete information, etc., etc.,

- You are unable to contact our employees at the required time and receive a timely response,

- You want to discuss cooperation opportunities, but don’t know with whom exactly,

- You experience inconvenience in working with certain departments of the company or specific employees,

- You have wishes and suggestions for changing or expanding the range of services we provide

Please contact us by email. email cs@atlantistravel.co.il

We are ready to promptly respond to incoming complaints and claims and initiate resolution of all conflict issues.

In addition, we are always happy to host you in our office for a friendly conversation and constructive communication.