Social initiatives

Our calling is to expand horizons!

The successful work of the tour operator company “Atlantis Travel & Tourism” in the Israeli tourism services market is based on three key principles: innovation, professionalism and quality of services provided.

We do not stand still, we develop and help our partners develop. We find new innovative solutions to improve the quality of our services. And we help our tourists and partners use them effectively.

Innovation in the field of tourism has become our platform, active proactive work has become a way of life, partnership has become the key value that unites us, the company’s employees, the value that underlies the building of our relationships with clients and partners.

To develop the Israeli tourism market for Russian-speaking tourists, to introduce new modern technologies when creating tours and in the work of the partner network, to reveal the potential of the tourism industry for young people - participants of the Masa - Career Growth program, to help Russian-speaking pensioners during the period of hostilities lead a familiar lifestyle and enjoy the opportunity to travel – “Atlantis Travel & Tourism” has been doing all this over the past years and does not plan to stop there!

Active projects of “Atlantis Travel & Tourism”:

  1. Internship for participants of the Masa-Career Growth project
  2. "Operation Grandma" (project completed)

Internship for participants of the Masa-Career Growth project

Since February 2013, Atlantis Travel & Tourism has been an active partner in the professional internship program “MASA – Career Growth”. From each round of the group, from 2 to 5 participants undergo an internship at the company. This internship lasts no more than 6 hours per day, 100 hours per month.

An internship in our company allows Russian-speaking project participants to gain international experience, professional skills and knowledge, and also expand their resume.

We accept young specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic countries, the Caucasus and Central Asia for internships. In accordance with the education and experience of the candidate, the type of activity of the trainee is selected individually.

This cooperation helps program participants experience the company’s business processes from the inside, understand how the Israeli tourism market works, and also contributes to the efficient operation of the company.


"Operation Grandma"

On July 27, an event took place called “Operation Grandma” - a day of rest for pensioners living in the Israeli cities of Ashod and Ashkelon. The event was organized by the Generation One and a Half association; the sponsors of the trip were the American Shusterman Foundation and the Israeli tour operator Atlantis Travel & Tourism.

Eduard Zhensker, one of the organizers of the event, the One and a Half Generation association: “The idea of ​​creating such a day of rest was to give pensioners living in cities that are subject to the most numerous rocket attacks to spend a day off calmly on these busy days and completely visit the Ein Gedi SPA center located on the Dead Sea for free."

Yana, event participant, Ashdod:
"In general, the event turned out to be sincere, people were satisfied and grateful. The wonderful atmosphere and the very fact that the young people remembered us and paid attention to the grandmothers was very pleasant. The Kinneret escort was very attentive and caring, we all noted her kindness and attention to the participants "I am happy to share and tell other people about this event. We hope for further cooperation with the organizers."

About 80 people took part in the event, all participants were satisfied with the trip and were charged with positive impressions, they were able to take their minds off the tense situation in their cities and at the end of the event they thanked the organizers. We hope that this event will mark the beginning of a good tradition!