Excursion «Bethlehem, Jericho and Qasr al-Yahud»

Class Big bus
Type Group tour
Language Spanish

Join our tour of Bethlehem and Jericho.

In Jericho, you will see the sycamore tree that Zacchaeus climbed to get a better look at Jesus. Let's recall the biblical story of Joshua leading his troops around the city walls of Jericho until they fell.

Leaving Jericho, we will pass by the Mount of Temptation and stop near Qasr al-Yahud on the Jordan River, where John baptized Jesus. Then, we'll visit Bethlehem, where Jesus was born over 2000 years ago. We'll stop at Manger Square and enter the Church of the Nativity, which houses the Holy Grotto, the birthplace of Jesus. We'll also visit the adjacent Church of St. Catherine and its underground caves with ancient tombs and shrines.

We'll conclude the tour by visiting Shepherds' Field.

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If a tourist cancels the tour less than 3 days before, a penalty of 100% applies unless "Cancellation Insurance" is purchased.
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Latecomers and those who do not join the tour will not receive a refund.
Excursion requests for children under 5 years old are not accepted.
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Tourists may wait for the bus for up to 30 minutes.
Minor changes to the itinerary are possible.
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No assigned seats on the bus. Boarding and disembarking only at designated locations.
Visiting holy sites is allowed only in modest attire (shoulders and knees must be covered).
The tour begins after a sanitary stop, with a transfer to the starting point of the excursion.
The tour may be conducted in multilingual groups.
Attention! Entry into the Palestinian Authority is officially prohibited for citizens of Israel.
Physical activity level: 3/5

Recommended: bring drinking water, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes for the excursion.

The cost of meals is not included and is paid on the spot if not purchased separately.



Modern Bethlehem is located on the territory of the Palestinian Authority. The main population is Muslim Arabs and a small part of Christian Arabs. The main income of Bethlehem is the flow of tourists. Christian pilgrims from all over the world come to this city, the place where Jesus Christ was born. Every Christmas in Bethlehem Christmas masses are held snd the masses are broadcast around the world. The main shrine of the city is a silver star in the cave of the Church of the Nativity of Christ, which marks the place where Jesus was born. In this temple there is a miraculous icon of the smiling Mother of God, the cave of the Beaten Babies.

Church of the Nativity

The Church of the Nativity of Christ was erected in Bethlehem above the cave where Jesus was born. Divine services at the Nativity Church have not practically interrupted since the Early Byzantine era. The modern building of the Church of the Nativity is the only Christian temple in Palestine, preserved from the pre-Muslim period.

Qasr al-Yahud

Qasr al-Yahud is located in the Jordan Valley, not far from the confluence of the Jordan into the Dead Sea. According to the New Testament, this is the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. It is considered the true place of Baptism.

Shepherds' field

The underground temple in the name of St. George the Victorious and the temple in honor of the Virgin Mary Cathedral are located near the Palestinian town of Beit Sakhur in a small valley with olive trees, some of which are older than 2000 years.

This place is also known as the Shepherds’ Field, where the Angel announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds awake in the field.


In the cave where the announcement of the Angels took place, three shepherds, eyewitnesses of the event, wished to be buried at the place where they were honored to see the Glory of the Lord.