Excursion «113. Delicious Israel»

Шоколад Мёд Шоколад Специи
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Culinary art, national cuisine, is an integral part of a nation's culture, just as much as its history, architecture, and art. Each country has its own "history on a plate": spaghetti in Italy, sushi in Japan, wine and cheese in France, borscht and dumplings in Russia... In Israel, numerous culinary masterpieces have come together and merged! To discover and taste Israel, we embark on a culinary journey!

"Derach Tavlinim" Farm, the "Spice Route," has been showcasing its products for over half a century — hundreds of varieties of spices, herbal infusions, and teas. Here, you can listen to fascinating stories about the traditions of using medicinal herbs in ancient and modern times and participate in the preparation of various blends according to special recipes.

Beekeeping in Moshav Mishmeret — honey and cosmetics. We will not only learn about the honey-making process but also transform into bees for a couple of hours. Honey is a wonderful and healing product of nature, and we will definitely taste it, not only eucalyptus, clover, and flower honey but also the exclusive THYME HONEY!

The olive press, "Beit Lehem Glilit," offers top-quality olive oil production using the unique cold-press method. We will taste the most delicious olive oil in Israel!


Theme tour on July, 17!

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Havat ha-Tavlinim

Spices and medicinal herbs have been grown here for almost half a century. The Ziterspieler family - even a dynasty, one might say - has been doing this for almost half a century. On this farm they know everything about the plants. How they grow, how to harvest them, how to combine and store them, how to use them - all these details are thoroughly known to the head of the family, Avi. He absorbed the knowledge he received from his elders from childhood. And when he grew up, he decided to devote his life to this business and went to study. He graduated from the University Faculty of Agriculture and returned to the farm armed with new knowledge.

Today, herbs and spices from here are sold in stores owned by Avi, not only in Israel, but also abroad. At the farm, the owner welcomes visitors: tourists and people who sell these gifts of nature. Here you can listen to a lecture or participate in one of the workshops. And of course, you can buy some fragrant souvenirs.

Apiary "Mishmeret"

Apiary in Moshav Mishmeret - honey and cosmetics! We will not only learn about the honey-making process, but for a couple of hours, we will transform into... bees. Honey is a wonderful and incredibly healing product of nature, and we will definitely try it, not just eucalyptus, clover, and flower honey, but also the exclusive THYME HONEY!

Feedback (2)

Date of excursion: 17.06.2023
, Bat Yam,

17.06 мы были на экскурсии " Вкусный Израиль ". Остались очень довольны всем, начиная от прибытия автобуса и до возвращения. Все было четко и профессионально. Особо хочется работу гида Валерия. Его знания материала, заботу о туристах. Спасибо за интересную экскурсию.

On June 17 we were on the “Tasty Israel” excursion. We were very pleased with everything, from the arrival of the bus to the return. Everything was clear and professional. I especially want the job of guide Valery. His knowledge of the material, care for tourists. Thanks for the interesting excursion.

Date of excursion: 17.06.2023
, Lod,

Прекрасная экскурсия. Всё очень понравилось! Спасибо гиду и организаторам!

A wonderful excursion. I liked everything very much! Thanks to the guide and organizers!