Excursion «111. Evening Jerusalem. Tower of David light show»

Стена Плача Лазерное шоу на башне Давида Лазерное шоу
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Jerusalem at night. The Night Spectacular, Tower of David light show
The evening tour through the Old City. The unique sound and light show at the Tower of David.
We begin our walk along the Jewish Quarter of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Then we proceed to Mount Zion to visit King David’s Tomb, the Last Supper Room also called Cenaculum and the Dormition Abbey.
The show takes place at the Tower of David (also called the Citadel) which is located near the Jaffa Gate of the Old City. The show continues for 45 minutes, where you can see the history of the Holy Land. This show has no text it is passed for speakers of all languages. And it is also suitable for spectators of all ages.


Evening trip!

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  • Physical activity level: 4/5

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Old town in Jerusalem

At this part of the city located  its main attractions are concentrated. In the Old City are the main shrines of three religions: Muslim, Jewish and Christian. There are also several quarters in which Jews, Arabs, Christians and Armenians live. Despite the fact that Armenians also are Christians, separate services are held for them in temples, and they live separately. In the Armenian quarter there are practically no tourist excursions. Everyone can see the stunning monuments of ancient architecture, just a walk through the Old Town. The Tower of David, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the preserved Roman shopping street, the Wailing Wall and many other sights of Jerusalem are open for tourists.

Kidron Valley

Often mentioned in the Bible, the Kidron is a  valley wich stretches thirty-five kilometers from the Old City of Jerusalem. For people of various religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), the valley is a revered holy place. It is commonly believed that in the valley of Kedronska (in translation - gloomy), one day the dead will appear before God's Court, who will be resurrected after hearing the trumpet of the archangel. Therefore, in this place for centuries  have been cemeteries of three religions. The mystical Kedron Valley attracts many believers, because here is the tomb of the Virgin, the tomb of Absalom (the third son of David), as well as the tomb of the brother of Christ - the Apostle James. In addition, it is believed that through this valley Jesus held his way to Jerusalem.

It is worth noting that here is the famous source of Gihon, which, at one time, supplied water to all of Jerusalem.

Wailing Wal

The Western Wall or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the wall preserved after the destruction of the First and Second Temples of the Jews. The Arabs, who saw how the Jews grieve over the destruction of the temple, called this place the Wailing Wall. Currently, there is a tradition: when you standing at the front of  Wailing Wall you can  make the most secret dreams. You can also put a note between the stones of the Wall with a cherished desire, which will certainly come true. When you are planning to visit the Wailing Wall, it should be remembered that this is possible only in modest clothing that covers the knees and shoulders.

David Tower

Tower of David

The inner fortress, located near the Jaffa Gate, can be considered a concise biography of Jerusalem. In the Tower of David, or simply the Citadel, a history museum of this city was opened 30 years ago (in 1989). It encompasses the period from the Canaanite era to the present day, allowing visitors to learn about the entire history of Jerusalem.

Be sure to enter the inner courtyard. The arches have witnessed the presence of Crusaders, and the archaeological artifacts collected by scholars span 14 centuries of the city's history, from the 2nd century BCE to the 12th century CE.

After exploring the exhibitions, ascend to the fortress walls. They preserve the same essence as the museum: ancient and modern Jerusalem. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Old City and its newer part.


Jerusalem is not only the capital of modern Israel, but also a city which, for many centuries, has been the "center of the world" for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

No other city on the planet can  compare with it, because only Jerusalem has such a rich spiritual and historical attraction.