Excursion «165. Night Beit Shean»

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Type Group tour
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The national park of Beit She'an in Israel is renowned for its well-preserved and restored remains of an ancient Roman megapolis. This impressive city has survived through numerous earthquakes in the region and has reached us in magnificent condition.

The place is incredibly beautiful. As soon as you enter the park, you are greeted with a unique view of the ancient and stunning city. You can immediately see the remains of the city, which archaeologists continue to work on. Half of the megapolis has been left unchanged, while the other half is undergoing intensive restoration.

The entire area is steeped in history and antiquity, featuring an amphitheater, baths, and ancient urban sewage systems. It's a true archaeological park.

There is a mini-model of the city made of metal, a colonnade on Palladius Street, a Roman theater, the Western Baths, Silvanus Street, the fortress mound, the house of the Egyptian governor, and the ancient public toilets. This is just a partial list of the attractions that await you.

It's a remarkably well-preserved city from that era, with authentic stones, columns, and mosaics. It feels like stepping into a time machine and traveling thousands of years back in history.

The "Nights of Beit She'an" multimedia show is the largest open-air light spectacle held in the archaeological center of the old city. The performance tells the story of the rise and fall of the beautiful ancient city. The purpose of the show is to remind people of the Jewish people's past through music and vibrant flashes of lights, creating an unforgettable and enchanting spectacle.


Night tour on July, 15!

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Bait Shean

Skythopolis National Park is located in the Harod Valley north of Beit She'an, Lower Galilee, Northern District and features the archaeological site of an ancient Byzantine city with the remains of magnificent buildings, streets and temples.