Excursion «177. Sweet Jerusalem»

Class «Tourist class»
Type Group tour
Language Russian

The excursion will begin with the most pleasant. Chocolate boutique.
We will visit a chocolate factory, taste unique handmade chocolate.

The Old City is a place without which no excursion around Jerusalem is possible. It is there that a number of holy places of key importance are located: the Temple Mount and its retaining Western Wall (Wailing Wall) - for the Jews, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher - for Christians, Qubat al-Sakhra and the Al-Aqsa Mosque (at the top of the Temple Mount) - for Muslims ... One of the important Christian shrines of the Old City is Via Dolorosa - the Way of the Cross of Jesus Christ - from the Lion's Gate of the Old City to Calvary.

Mishkenot Sha'ananim is the very first quarter founded outside the walls of the old city. Today, it is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious and elite parts of Jerusalem. The creative vein of the city. Each of the more than 100 houses houses art studios, exhibition halls for artists and sculptors.

The Wailing Wall has been a symbol of faith and hope for many generations for centuries, a place of pilgrimage and prayer.

Moni Winery. Great wines and luxurious honey are collected in one place, which will be a great result of the trip.

Latrun. In biblical times, there was the city of Emmaus, where, according to legend, the resurrected Jesus Christ broke bread.


Thematic excursion on October, 1!

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Old town in Jerusalem

At this part of the city located  its main attractions are concentrated. In the Old City are the main shrines of three religions: Muslim, Jewish and Christian. There are also several quarters in which Jews, Arabs, Christians and Armenians live. Despite the fact that Armenians also are Christians, separate services are held for them in temples, and they live separately. In the Armenian quarter there are practically no tourist excursions. Everyone can see the stunning monuments of ancient architecture, just a walk through the Old Town. The Tower of David, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the preserved Roman shopping street, the Wailing Wall and many other sights of Jerusalem are open for tourists.

The monastery of Latrun

This monastery was founded over 100 years ago by Trappist monks. One of their beliefs is that the name of God cannot be pronounced in the sua. The monks currently residing in the monastery spend their days mainly on physical work done in silence. There are special rooms in the monastery where they can talk, but the monks themselves try to do this as little as possible. At Latrunsky Monastery ptoduced the world-famous production: wine and olive oil and it can be bought in a nearby store. 

Wailing Wal

The Western Wall or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem is the wall preserved after the destruction of the First and Second Temples of the Jews. The Arabs, who saw how the Jews grieve over the destruction of the temple, called this place the Wailing Wall. Currently, there is a tradition: when you standing at the front of  Wailing Wall you can  make the most secret dreams. You can also put a note between the stones of the Wall with a cherished desire, which will certainly come true. When you are planning to visit the Wailing Wall, it should be remembered that this is possible only in modest clothing that covers the knees and shoulders.

Mishkenot Sha'ananim

The first quarter founded outside the walls of the old city. Today, it is rightfully considered one of the most prestigious and elite parts of Jerusalem. The creative vein of the city. There are art studios, exhibition halls for artists and sculptors in each of more than 100 houses.