Excursion «184. Through the valleys of the Kings»

Class «Tourist class»
Type Group tour
Language Russian

The A-Shohet river. Easy walking along the shady river banks.

Tel Israel. King Ahab and Queen Jezebel are royal intrigues and the tragedy of a simple farmer.

Mount Saul (Shaul) is the last battle of the first king of the united kingdom.
The mountain is associated with the name of King Saul (Shaul), who fought and died here along with his sons, including Jonathan, a friend of David, the future king of Israel. Saul - the first king of the people of Israel and the founder of the united kingdom of Israel, the creator of the regular Jewish army; in the Old Testament narrative, he is the embodiment of a ruler who was placed in the kingdom by the will of God, but who became objectionable to Him.

Nebi Shueib. The grave of the Druze forefather, the Old Testament Yitro (Moses' father-in-law), is the most sacred place for the Druze.


Thematic excursion on August 28!

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Nabi Shuaib

Nabi Shuaib

A place sacred to the Druze. Every year they make pilgrimages to this place, in the Tiberias area, to the mountain Karnei Hattina. On its slope is Nabi Shuaib, the burial place of Shuaib, the prophet of the Midianites. It is believed to be the name of the man whom the Bible knows as Jethro. He was Moses' father-in-law and Hitturah (Tzipporah) his father.

Gilboa Mount

Gilboa Mount

If you find yourself in the northern part of the country, don't miss the opportunity to admire Gilboa. This mountain range is considered one of the most picturesque in the region. Located south of the Isreel Valley, Gilboa is very impressive. It actually "grows" from a vertical rock 600 meters high. The ridge stretches for 18 kilometers. If you are lucky enough to climb to the top, you will have a spectacular view of the surrounding area.