Excursion «190. Israel in faces»

Музей Ралли
Музей Ралли Рамат Ха-надив Рамат Ха-надив
Class «Tourist class»
Type Group tour
Language Russian

Ralli Museum We will see vibrant examples of artwork on biblical themes. Explore the Salvador Dali exhibition. Discover the secret phobia of King Herod.

Zichron Yaakov The First Aliyah and the first Jewish underground. Engage in gossip about love intrigues and war. Discuss how the Armenian Genocide affected the future of Israel.

Ramat HaNadiv A place where tranquility and history go hand in hand. Talk about Herod the Great. Be impressed by the diversity of plants from around the world. Visit the burial site of Edmund de Rothschild and his wife Ada. Caesarea Aqueduct - when water creates history - Rome comes to life before your eyes.


Thematic tour on September 13!

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  • Physical activity level: 3/5

We recommend:
Bring drinking water, a hat, and sunglasses with you on the excursion.


Ralli Museum

The relatively new Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art Rally, located in Caesarea (founded in the last decade of the twentieth century), is a popular destination for tourists. The museum is 700 square meters located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in a park area. The aim pursued by the founders of the museum is to draw people's attention to the visual art of Latin America. Four such museums have already been opened in the world today. Each of them exists without a commercial connotation, that is, admission here is free (which greatly expands the circle of visitors), and the museum has no cafes, no retail outlets, or souvenir shops. Also, on the way to the museum building, guests will enjoy a walk through a cozy courtyard, which contains many sculptures (including sculptures by Salvador Dali) and fountains.

Rothschild Park

Not far from Zikhron Yaakov (large settlement) is a park built and named after Baron Rothschild. In the depths of the park is the tomb of the baron and his wife.
Entrance to the park is free. The vast territory of the park is well-groomed and equipped. Walking along the paved paths, it is pleasant to admire a variety of plants: here you will find palm trees, acacia trees, and a huge number of beautiful roses in different shades. The park has many neat lawns and small trimmed bushes, there are small artificial waterfalls, as well as man-made ponds, in which there are a lot of lilies and goldfish.
One part of the park called the “Garden of Smells” is specially equipped for blind people. A large number of medicinal plants grow here, publishing pleasant aromas. Near each plant is a tablet with a description in several languages ​​(including Braille).

Zikhron Ya'akov

In 1882, thanks to Baron Rothschild and his financial support, the town of Zichron Yaakov was founded. He became the first Jewish settlement of modern times. And the name was received in honor of the father of the baron - James. The first Jews who arrived here from Romania settled in the town.

Today, visitors to the city are attracted not so much by history as by “Gan Hadiv” - a huge park located a little distance from Zichron Ya'akov. Baron Rothschild and his wife are buried here.