Excursion «205. Rajar - the border without borders»

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Type Group tour
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We are traveling across borders without crossing them. This journey takes us to the northernmost part of Israel, the south of Lebanon. For 22 years, entry to this area was closed, but now it is possible to visit. Our destination is the mysterious Alawite village of Rajar, known as the Village of Fountains. It is a very peculiar and surreal place. Around 2,800 people live in Rajar, and almost all of them are Alawites. They strive to maintain endogamy within their community. Alawites are a branch of Shia Islam and are followers of the fourth caliph, Ali, a relative of the prophet Muhammad. The beliefs and customs of the Alawites differ from mainstream Islam. Moderate alcohol consumption is allowed, women do not cover their hair or wear long clothing. It is known that the sun, the moon, and the concept of a single God hold significant importance in the Alawite religion. During our visit, we will also have the opportunity to try local cuisine, such as kubbeh, sambusa with various fillings, and more. As a final treat, we will explore the well of Talmudic events in Kibbutz Ammiad.


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Mysterious Alawite village Rajar. Fountain Village. A very strange and creepy place.
About 2800 people live in Rajar, almost all of them are Alawites. Marriages are attempted to be made within the community. Alawites are an offshoot of Shiite Islam, admirers of the fourth Caliph Ali, a relative of the Prophet Muhammad. The faith and customs of the Alawites differ from the Muslim ones - moderate alcohol consumption is acceptable here, girls do not cover their hair and do not wrap themselves in long clothes. It is known that the sun and the moon are of great importance in the Alawite religion. And also the concept of a single god.