Excursion «207. Tzipori and cheese farm»

Ципори Ципори
Class Big bus
Type Group tour
Language Russian

Take an exciting journey throughZipori, where Romans and Jews lived peacefully together for centuries. Explore the old quarters, where the European atmosphere is intertwined with Jewish motifs, expressed in the decoration of facades and interiors, giving the city its special character. Immerse yourself in an archaeological site – Tzipori Park, where you will see magnificent mosaics, including the famous Galilean Mona Lisa, as well as a 6th-century synagogue, a Crusader fortress, the Church of St. Anne and a Roman-Byzantine theater. Stroll through the ancient streets, enjoy the preserved atmosphere of history, admire the zodiac symbols in the synagogue and the magnificent water system, stunning in its scale. At Tzipori, every stone, every mosaic and every structure is intertwined with the rich history of this amazing place, creating a unique experience for researchers and connoisseurs of antiquity.

After Tzipori, visit a unique place – farm "Barkanit Cheeses". The secret of producing excellent cheeses in the heart of the naturally beautiful Barkan region of Israel will be revealed to you. Learn about the fascinating process of cheese making, from caring for dairy animals to carefully ripening each type.

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The park, located at a distance of 6 km from Nazareth, delights lovers of antiquity. In the first half of the twentieth century archaeologists began to work here and since then have extracted many amazing examples of culture and architecture. Work has not stopped so far. Historians will probably say more than once that they found something remarkable in Sepphoris.

Today in the park you can see a unique villa of the Roman period with two floors. It was built in the III century BC. Home decoration is striking in scale and subtle execution. So, the floors are decorated with magnificent mosaics, one of which went down in history under the name of Mona Lisa of Galilee.

In addition, the Roman theater, pavement, water supply and a whole network of streets have been preserved in Sepphoris. The so-called Nile house (it dates back to the 5th century) and the synagogue, built a century laterhave been preserved  too. The floors here, as in the villa, are decorated with skillfully executed mosaics. The most famous mosaic image in the synagogue is a circle consisting of zodiac signs.