Excursion «39. Safed and Rosh Pina»

Class Big bus
Type Group tour
Language Russian

We offer a trip to the north of our country.

We will visit Safed - the city of Kabbalists and mystics, one of the four holy cities in Israel and the youngest of them. Safed is located on the very top of the mountain, at an altitude of about 900 m above sea level, in Upper Galilee. We will walk along the streets of this city, and go to the galleries. We will visit the ancient synagogue (modest clothing is required - covered shoulders and knees).

Then we will go for a walk to the romantic village of the late 19th century, Rosh Pina.

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Exit from the Bat Yam Canyon stop is available!

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From bus stops City and Meuhedet departures are only on Saturdays, on weekdays they are available from Kalaniet!


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  • Visiting holy places is permitted only in modest clothing (shoulders and knees must be covered).
  • The excursion begins after a sanitary stop, and before that there is a transfer before the start of the excursion.
  • Physical activity level: 3/5

We recommend: take drinking water, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes with you on the excursion.

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Safed is one of the four holiest cities of Israel. Here you can feel and see the Golden Age of Safed, find out what the wise Jews who lived in Safed are famous for. Well-known Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue and Abu Haba are available for your attention. Visit the ancient crusader fortress built on top of a mountain. You will see the mysterious wonders of the city here.

Synagogue Ha Ari in Safed

In the center of the ancient Jewish quarter of Safed is a synagogue named after ARI. ARI is one of the remarkable personalities  whose represents Safed, his history and the history of the doctrine called bondage.  ARI is an abbreviation. His name was Yitzhak bar Shlomo Luria Ashkenazi, and he went down in history under various names: Holy Leo Safed, Adoneinu Rabbi Yitzhak, ARIZAL. But it became habitual to call him simply ARI.

This is the oldest synagogue of the city, and it existed in the Mamluk era (13-15 centuries), before the advent of the ARI in Safed. Then this synagogue was called the Synagogue of the Prophet Eliyahu.

Massive architectural decorations on the facade of the building clearly indicate their medieval origin. The courtyard of the synagogue is planted with mulberry, lemon and apricot trees. On the outside, the entrance is decorated with a carved crossbar painted blue, and on both sides of the door are niches designed to light candles.

Rosh Pina

In northern Israel, nestled in a charming location, lies the small town of Rosh Pina. This romantic settlement has its origins in 1878 when a group of young volunteers decided to leave the city of Safed and establish a new agricultural community nearby. Over time, artists such as painters, photographers, musicians, and writers began to settle here, enriching the town's cultural atmosphere. Today, Rosh Pina boasts unique galleries that showcase the artistic talent of the area.

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Date of excursion: 21.08.2023
, Tbilisi,

Большое спасибо гиду Александре, выше всяких похвал. Спасибо вашей компании. Было восхитительно. Высокое качество сопровождение. С уважением, Нино из Тбилиси.

Many thanks to the guide Alexandra, beyond all praise. Thanks to your company. It was amazing. High quality support. Best regards, Nino from Tbilisi.