Excursion «40. Along the valleys and mountains of the north»

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Type Group tour
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Belvoir - the Hospitaller fortress on the hill as the farewell song of the greatest Muslim leader Salah ad-Din.

Mount Gilboa is the site of the last battle of the first king of Israel. By whom is this mountain cursed and why?

Zichron Yaakov - how Romanian Jews fought and their children influenced the fate of Israel.
First sale in Palestine.


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Thematic excursion - December 20!

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Gilboa Mount

Gilboa Mount

If you find yourself in the northern part of the country, don't miss the opportunity to admire Gilboa. This mountain range is considered one of the most picturesque in the region. Located south of the Isreel Valley, Gilboa is very impressive. It actually "grows" from a vertical rock 600 meters high. The ridge stretches for 18 kilometers. If you are lucky enough to climb to the top, you will have a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

Belvoir Fortress

Belvoir Fortress

The crusader fortress of the Hospitaller Order now has the status of a national park. It spreads two dozen kilometers south from Lake Kinneret (or the Sea of Galilee), on the Naftali Plateau. The Jordan Valley lies 500 meters below the park.

At the time of its creation, Belvoir played a crucial role for Jerusalem. It was to be the main defense of the holy city against Muslim raids.

Zikhron Ya'akov

In 1882, thanks to Baron Rothschild and his financial support, the town of Zichron Yaakov was founded. He became the first Jewish settlement of modern times. And the name was received in honor of the father of the baron - James. The first Jews who arrived here from Romania settled in the town.

Today, visitors to the city are attracted not so much by history as by “Gan Hadiv” - a huge park located a little distance from Zichron Ya'akov. Baron Rothschild and his wife are buried here.