Excursion «451. Nebi Samuel»

Class «Tourist class»
Type Group tour
Language Russian

Nabi Samuel is another place in Israel where all three religions come together. It is the tomb of the Prophet Samuel. Here, you can find a synagogue, a mosque, and an ancient church. During the Byzantine period, a large monastery was built here. In the time of the Crusaders, pilgrims saw the city of Jerusalem from this hill for the first time. Overwhelmed with joy, they fell to their knees and began to cry. For this reason, the place was named the "Mountain of Joy."

We will visit the archaeological excavations, enter houses that are over 2,000 years old, and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Jerusalem. We will also visit the spiritual center, the tomb of the Prophet Samuel. And for dessert, we will have a wine tasting of Judean Hills wines.


Thematic excursion on June 4!

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Nebi Samuel

The Tomb of Samuel, commonly known as Nebi Samuel or Nebi Samwil, is the traditional burial site of the biblical Hebrew and Islamic prophet Samuel, atop a steep hill at an elevation of 908 meters above sea level.