Excursion «519. Autumn Hermon»

Хермон Голанские высоты
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In the Mount Hermon area, you can have a great time not only during the winter months but also on the hottest days.

At the beginning of autumn, Mount Hermon experiences a unique weather that resembles late spring. At an elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the fresh breeze, clean air, and the melodic songs of birds.

The highest accessible point in Israel for civilians is located on Mount Hermon at an altitude of 2,072 meters above sea level. From there, you can witness a breathtaking panorama of the northern part of the country, including the neighboring territories of Syria.

On warm days when the snow has melted, visitors can take a cable car ride to the mountain's summit to admire the stunning views. The ascent on the cable car, which spans 1,250 meters in length, takes approximately 15 minutes one way and can be an exciting journey filled with vibrant impressions and photo opportunities. It is advisable to bring warm clothing even on the hottest day.

A sweet surprise awaits you with a visit to the chocolate factory, where you can purchase unique treats!

And finally, we'll visit a dairy farm where everyone will have the opportunity to feed calves and even milk cows. We will learn about the intricacies of cattle farming and the production of dairy products in Israel.

Please note that the cost of the cable car ride to Mount Hermon is not included in the trip price and should be paid on-site: 49 shekels per person (payable to the guide).


Thematic excursion - September 21! 
As part of a group excursion, a mandatory lift on the cable car to Mount Hermon is 49 nis. per person (on-site guide)

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We recommend: Take warm clothes and food for a picnic with you on the excursion.

The cost of trips does not include and is paid on the spot:  as part of a group excursion, a mandatory funicular ride to Mount Hermon is 49 shekels. per person (to the guide on site)


Golan Heights

These places are considered one of the most interesting from a tourist point of view in Israel. At any time of the year there is something to see and what to do. In winter, Mount Hermon turns into an excellent ski resort. In spring and summer, the whole nature of the Golan Heights comes to life, amazing flowers bloom. At this time, it is worth visiting nature reserves with waterfalls and streams. And in the fall horseback riding is especially popular. In the Golan Heights, in addition to the beauty of nature, there are many historical sights, national parks, reserves and monuments. Visiting these places will be interesting for both children and adults.


Mount Hermon is a mountain with an elevation of 2,814 meters above sea level, making it the highest point in the Anti-Lebanon mountain range. It is located on the border of Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, and is under Syrian control. The peaks of Mount Hermon are covered with snow from November to March.

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Date of excursion: 23.08.2019
, Ramat Gan,

Выражаем благодарность гиду Алексею Цвету за удивительную, познавательную и содержательную поездку.Профессионализм, эрудиция,и чуткое отношение к людям выше всяких похвал! Фирме Атлантис -за хорошую организацию логистики экскурсии!

We express our gratitude to the guide Alexey Tsvet for an amazing, informative and informative trip. Professionalism, erudition and sensitive attitude towards people are beyond praise! Atlantis company - for the good organization of excursion logistics!