Excursion «549. Christmas Eve in Nazareth and Haifa»

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Type Group tour
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In anticipation of one of the most significant Christian holidays - Christmas, we invite you to visit the place where the Virgin Mary learned about the imminent birth of Jesus.

Nazareth Main Square Christmas Tree Every year, the largest Christmas tree in the Middle East is installed on the main square of Nazareth.

Archangel Gabriel Church and the Virgin Mary's Well in Nazareth Just a few meters from the place where Archangel Gabriel delivered the good news to the Virgin Mary about the forthcoming birth of the Son of God. It's a truly powerful place!

Haifa Christmas Tree The largest Christmas tree in Haifa is installed on Ben Gurion Street in the German Colony. The trees along Ben Gurion Street will be decorated with garlands and adorned with Christmas ribbons. Traditional Christmas deer will be placed on the roofs of houses and in the courtyards of cozy cafes in the German Colony. You will fully experience the spirit of Christmas!

Evening Bahá'í Gardens The vibrant illumination of the Bahá'í Gardens creates an unforgettable sight that you must see! The Shrine of the Báb is an impressive structure topped with a golden dome, which is illuminated at night, giving the impression of an inner light source. The gardens are also lit up at night. The view is stunning both during the day and at night. The best views can be captured from the German Colony, which starts at the foot of the gardens. Overview without descent.

Louis Promenade Louis Promenade is one of the most beautiful spots in Haifa. It stretches along the slopes of Mount Carmel, along the coastline, allowing you to admire the beauty of Christmas in Haifa from different perspectives.


Seasonal excursion - January 7!

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Nazareth, is the third most important city for Christians after Jerusalem and Bethlehem, here the childhood and youth of Jesus Christ passed. Nazareth got its name from the Hebrew word "netzer" - a branch, although in modern Hebrew this word is not used to denote a branch. Nazareth was first mentioned in the Gospel.
According to archaeological excavations, there used to be an agricultural settlement, where only a few families lived, including the holy family (the Blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ). The significant Christian shrine in Nazareth is undoubtedly the grotto of the Annunciation, over which the Temple of the Annunciation was erected. In the vicinity of the city there are: Sepphoris National Park - the parental home of Mary, the remains of the Crusader fortress and other archaeological sites.
It is because of this that Jesus is called “ha-Nozri,” which means Nazarene.

Bahai Gardens in Haifa

The spiritual center on Mount Carmel in Haifa is one of the holiest places for Baha'i practitioners, the youngest monotheistic religion in the world. The center includes a temple, a tomb where the remains of the Bab, the ancestor of the faith, and famous gardens rest.

The tomb is an impressive building crowned by a gilded dome. It is equipped with a backlight. Thanks to her, the dome is illuminated at night, but so that it seems as if the source of radiance is inside it.

To get to the tomb, the guest have to go through the gardens that terraces cover the slope of Mount Carmel. There are twelve in all. Seeing this incredible work of human hands, you will understand why the gardens are called the eighth wonder of the world. The local collection contains about 450 species of various plants, among which there are unique flowers. Shrubs are sheared, and you probably will not find lawns more even and greener in the city. Add to this the fountains - isn't it awesome? Bahai Gardens is a monument not only to faith and its founder, but also to the harmony and great taste of architects.


Try to describe Haifa in a few words, and... and you will fail. You can travel to this city alone or with the family. It does not matter how old you are, what kind of relaxation you prefer and what impressions you long for. No one will feel bored here. No wonder they say that "Haifa is full of high".

Founded in a time before remembering and known since the Roman era, today's Haifa is a metropolis. It proudly bears two honorary titles: the country's main port and northern capital.

There are two must see objects in the city – small and huge one. The first is the underground funicular train. The tiniest in the world! It has a poetic name – "Carmelit." All because the train rolls through the tunnel, penetrating the Mount Carmel.


The second is a huge Bahai temple, the domes of which can be seen from everywhere in the city, and its gardens. Baha'i faith is one of the world’s youngest monotheistic religions.