Excursion «555. Riddles of Pan. Golan Heights»

Class Big bus
Type Group tour
Language Russian

This excursion combines the beauty of the nature of the north of Israel, and the most interesting history and tasting of local delicacies.

We will unravel the riddles of Pan in the ancient city of Baniyas at the foot of Mount Hermon.
We will visit the palace of Agrippa II and the cave of God Pan.
We will see a beautiful waterfall and a suspension bridge in the gorge.
We will find ourselves in a place where the Hellenes delivered the Jewish sages to the Roman emperor Diocletian.
We will be crusaders in Belinas. Find out what exactly happened in these places. And enjoy unforgettable views.
Cheer up with cool water in the stream.


Thematic tour!
Entrance ticket to the Banias reserve.

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  • Physical activity level: 4/5.
  • You can approach the waterfall if it is open. During high water periods it may be closed due to safety measures!

We recommend: take drinking water, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes with you on the excursion.

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  • Food.


Golan Heights

These places are considered one of the most interesting from a tourist point of view in Israel. At any time of the year there is something to see and what to do. In winter, Mount Hermon turns into an excellent ski resort. In spring and summer, the whole nature of the Golan Heights comes to life, amazing flowers bloom. At this time, it is worth visiting nature reserves with waterfalls and streams. And in the fall horseback riding is especially popular. In the Golan Heights, in addition to the beauty of nature, there are many historical sights, national parks, reserves and monuments. Visiting these places will be interesting for both children and adults.


One of the most beautiful places in Israel. Banias Creek forms the largest waterfall in the country. At the stream is the entrance to the cave and the ruins of an ancient Greek temple, built in honor of the god Pan. Where Banias merges with Govta Creek, a Roman bridge has been preserved. The remains of the temples built by order of King Herod have also been preserved. This place is also very significant for Christians. According to the biblical story, it was here, in Banias, then bearing the name of Caesarea Filippova, that Jesus handed over to Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven.