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Mount Meron. The highest peak in the Galilee region (1,208 meters). People come here to honor the memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son Elazar. They were great Kabbalists and created the foundation of this teaching, the book of Zohar. People turn to the father and son with requests to strengthen their health. It is believed that this place protects against the evil eye and purifies the energy.

Safed. As soon as you arrive in Safed, you immediately sense the ease of breathing. Safed is a city enveloped in secrecy, filled with wonders.

You will visit the ancient synagogues and the cemetery of Safed.


The grave of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel. He is considered the greatest Torah scholar. He protects families and everything associated with them. If you are seeking love, a life partner, peace in the family, or dreaming of a child and harmony with children, come here, and your prayers will be heard.

There are many "powerful places" in the world. Locations on the map where it seems that different laws are at work, unlike anywhere else. Where the sky is closer, and all requests - whether about work, well-being, a life partner, or a child - have a greater chance of being heard, and the most secret desires have a chance to come true.

Israel stands out uniquely on this list. Here, the connection with higher powers is felt almost physically. Everyone who comes to the Holy Land feels it. Not for nothing, the name of the country sounds in Hebrew as "Eretz Yisrael." "Eretz" etymologically derives from "ratzon," which translates as "desire," and "Yisrael" from "yashar El," meaning "straight to the Creator."

The desires expressed here go directly to the One who fulfills them. In this trip, you will be able to take your dreams about finances, success in business, family, and children with you - and return home to experience their fulfillment.

When visiting holy places, take care to wear comfortable shoes and modest clothing.

It is advisable to bring water and sandwiches with you.


Thematic tour October 30th!

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To visit Druze holy sites, you must dress modestly: hats and long sleeves for everyone, long trousers for men and short clothes for women.
Tourists should arrive at the boarding point 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
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Safed is one of the four holiest cities of Israel. Here you can feel and see the Golden Age of Safed, find out what the wise Jews who lived in Safed are famous for. Well-known Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue and Abu Haba are available for your attention. Visit the ancient crusader fortress built on top of a mountain. You will see the mysterious wonders of the city here.

Mount Meron

Settlement Beit Jan was founded in ancient times by the Druze, who chose one of the most picturesque corners of the Upper Galilee. They settled right on the top of Mount Miron. From here they have a breathtaking, "postcard" view of the surrounding countryside.

In the village, the Druze tell their guests about themselves. About how they live and what they believe in, about the history of the community and its centuries-old traditions.

Nearby there is another interesting object, but already modern. It is a factory that makes medicines and natural cosmetics. The product is local - the raw materials are plants that grow here.

Grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai

After the Romans declared the study of Torah illegal, Rabbi Shimon publicly spoke out against this injustice. As a result, the Romans sentenced him to death. Rabbi Shimon and his son found refuge in a cave where they subsisted on carob fruits and drank water from a spring. They hid in the cave for thirteen years, devoting their time to studying the Torah. They studied both the revealed and the hidden aspects of the Torah. Rabbi Shimon was the first to record the hidden Torah, and these writings are known as the book "Zohar."


Amuka (from the word "amok" - deep) is a gem of a journey - the Valley of Love. Here lies the grave of one of the greatest Torah sages - Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel. Here, you can make any request related to the word "family" - love, life companionship (for those who are single). You can seek family well-being, children - for those who are childless, and understanding for those who have children.