Excursion «501. Night Liturgy on Mount Favor»

Храм Преображения Фавор
Храм Преображения Фавор Гора Фавор Церковь Преображения Господня
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The Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord is one of the twelve major Orthodox Christian holidays.

Do you remember the story from the Bible when Jesus Christ appeared before His disciples transfigured on Mount Tabor? When He revealed Himself in all His glory and magnificence? This feast is considered highly significant for Christian believers as these events symbolize the divine eternal glory that follows temporal suffering. On this day, a large cloud appears over Mount Tabor. Although there are usually no clouds in this area during the summer. It passes over, covering the mountain peak and the church that is located there. During our excursion, you will have the opportunity to witness this miracle.

In the past, the Israelites used to bring grape clusters to the church, giving thanks to the Lord for fertility.

IMPORTANT! Please note that it takes 15-20 minutes (4 km) to climb Mount Tabor. You can hike up on foot or, for an additional fee of 25₪, use the shuttle service (in the village of Kfar Tavor).


Night Liturgy on August 18!

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  • Please note that the climb to Mount Tabor takes 15-20 minutes (4 km). You can go up on foot, or you can, for an additional fee of 25₪, use the shuttle (in the village of Kfar Tavor)

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Mount Tabor (Favor)

In the Jezreel Valley at a distance of nine kilometers from Nazareth is Mount Tabor, its height is 558 meters. It is believed that on Mount Tabor the most important event happened - the Transfiguration of Jesus (when he climbed a mountain with three apostles).
Today, two temples rise in the town of Tabor - the Catholic church built in the nineteenth century and the Orthodox monastery built from the remains of the oldest Byzantine church. It is in the Orthodox monastery that one of the most important shrines of the town of Tabor is located, namely, the icon of the Virgin and Child printed on newsprint. The origin of this icon is unknown, because at one time it was found in the sea, neatly folded in a bottle. A huge number of believers come to seek help from this icon.
Mount Tabor is a popular destination among tourists, because it is interesting from several sides - historical, cultural and religious.