Excursion «104. Nahal Ayun Nature Reserve»

Водопад Танур
Водопад Танур Заповедник Нахаль Аюн водопад
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Type Group tour
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In this tour you can visit different waterfalls, flowers, a glorious landscapes and stunning view of the Upper Galilee, Mount Lebanon and Mount Hermon.

Then we continue our trip to the national park Nahal Auyn.

After lunch you drive to memorial She’ar Yashuv.


Thematic tour!
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We recommend: take rubber shoes for entering the water, drinking water, a hat, and food for a picnic.

The cost of trips does not include and is paid on the spot:meals


Nahal Ayun Nature Reserve

In the Nahal Ayun Nature Reserve, there are four waterfalls: Ayun Waterfall, Mill Waterfall (next to the waterfall, there is an old mill), the Cascade Waterfalls, and Ha-Tannur Waterfall, which resembles the shape of a chimney.

During the summer, the water of Nahal Ayun is used for agricultural purposes, and sometimes the stream dries up. However, in winter, a powerful flow is formed, feeding the waterfalls.

memorial "Shear Ishuv"

On February 4, 1997, two military transport helicopters, "Yasur" (CH-53), collided in the sky above Moshav She'ar Yashuv in northern Israel. As a result of the crash, 73 soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces lost their lives. The tragedy caused profound mourning throughout the country. The father of one of the soldiers created a remarkable memorial that became a true national monument. The memorial complex, which perpetuates the memory of the fallen, was opened 11 years after the tragedy, at the crash site near Kibbutz Dafna. Every year, an official memorial ceremony takes place there in the presence of the families, friends, and fellow soldiers of the fallen soldiers.

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Date of excursion: 12.10.2019
, Herzliya,

Спасибо экскурсовод Александру Крачковскому и водителю Аркадию за интересную, комфортабельную и познавательную экскурсию. Было очень красиво и интересно, а местами и вкусно!

Thanks to guide Alexander Krachkovsky and driver Arkady for an interesting, comfortable and educational excursion. It was very beautiful and interesting, and sometimes delicious!