Excursion «Excursion to the city of Cavtat and its surroundings»

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Our excursion begins with a trip to the southernmost town in Croatia, with picturesque bays and deep coves, a town that is just as significant and historically valuable as Dubrovnik itself. Welcome to the charming town of Cavtat!

Cavtat is only 20 km away from the center of Dubrovnik, and curious tourists gladly visit this cozy place for relaxation. According to archaeological data, Cavtat, as an ancient Greek settlement, began its existence in the 5th century BCE and became part of a Roman colony named Epidaurum in the 3rd century BCE.

During the tour, you will learn the legends and old traditions of this town and explore its main attractions. You'll see the Rector's Palace, where the prince and his entourage lived during the existence of the Dubrovnik Republic. You'll visit the main parish church dedicated to St. Nicholas, explore the ancestral home and gallery of the prominent Croatian artist Vlaho Bukovac, and discover the Franciscan monastery and the Church of Our Lady of the Snows. Additionally, you'll see the unique white stone Mausoleum of the aristocratic Racić family, designed by the renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović from the 20th century.

The remarkable inscription on the bell of the Mausoleum reads, "WHEN YOU DISCOVER THE SECRET OF LOVE, THEN YOU WILL SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF DEATH AND BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS ETERNAL" (Ivan Meštrović).

After getting acquainted with Cavtat, our journey continues through the picturesque region of Konavle to the majestic ancient fortress of Sokol Grad. Perched on a 25-meter cliff, you'll witness the impregnable fortress that protected its people from enemy attacks for centuries. Today, the fortress houses a museum displaying archaeological findings from various historical periods.

Next, our journey will take us to a local winemaker, where you'll have the opportunity to taste and appreciate local wines and olive oil accompanied by traditional Croatian snacks such as dried meat and homemade cheese.

After the tasting, in high spirits, we'll head to a local restaurant called Konavoski Dvori, situated by a cold mountain river with fast rapids. This restaurant will amaze you with its unique national cuisine and a cozy, homely atmosphere.

After a satisfying lunch, we'll bid farewell to this picturesque Croatian region and return to the hotel.

Please note that the entrance fees (children up to 8 years old enter for free) and wine tasting are not included in the tour price:

  • Sokol Grad fortress - 70 kuna (10 euros) per person.
  • Wine tasting - 100 kuna (13 euros) per person.
  • Vlaho Bukovac Museum - 30 kuna (4 euros) per person.

The duration of the excursion is a full day!


The duration of the excursion is the whole day!

Departure days

Departure days depend on your departure city


Order cancellation conditions:

If a tourist cancels an excursion in less than 3 days, the penalty is 100%.


  • The company is not responsible for lost items.
  • Responsibility for having an individual insurance policy falls on the tourist.
  • Visiting holy places is permitted only in modest clothing.


Bring drinking water, a hat, sunglasses with you on the excursion

The cost of trips does not include and is paid on the spot:

  • Food
  • Entrance tickets(children under 8 years old - free) and tasting with a winemaker are NOT included in the price of the excursion:
    * to the Sokol-Grad fortress - 70 kn (10 euros) / person.
    * wine tasting - 100 kn (13 euros) / person.
    * Vlah Bukovec Museum - 30 kn (4 euros) / person