Excursion «18.1. Jericho. Wadi-Celts. Monasteries of the Judean Desert. Qasr al-Yahud»

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Jericho, Qumran and monasteries of the Judean Desert. 
Among the modern cities and towns of urban civilization centers Jericho still stands in it's ancient form. Jericho is the oldest city in the world (est. age is 10 thousand years) and the lowest city in the world (250 meters below sea level). A panoramic city tour, including the monastery on Mount Temptation Quarantal, source Elisha and house of a prostitute Rahab, who hid the two spies sent by Joshua. Near the house of Rahab Christians built the Church of the Virgin Mary. In the town house of the chief of the publicans (tax collector) Zacchaeus and the fig tree, which he climbed to see Jesus Christ.

Additional surcharge in amount of 15$/60nis for a lift to Quarantal will apply.

Qumran - archaeological National Museum, the ruins of an ancient settlement on the shores of the Dead Sea. In caves around the area were found handwritten scrolls, which contain about 100 ancient works. Picturesque canyon trail is rises by the riverbed, there is offer a panoramic breathtaking view of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains. This is magnificent panorama of the Wadi (valley) Qelt. Monastery of St. Hozevita (St. George). Asceticism in the Judean Desert: Monastery of St. Gerasimos.

*Note: A foreign passport is mandatory on this tour because of visiting Jericho (Palestinian autonimy).

*Note: Modest clothing is required for men and women.


This monastery was founded in the 5th century. In XII, it was destroyed by Turkish troops, but in the late XIX – early XX centuries it was completely restored. It is located on a small ledge of a steep cliff, and you can get to it either on foot or a donkey ride for a small fee. This is a man’s monastery, and before women were not allowed in, but now the situation has changed. Travelers are welcome in the Monastery - monks can even treat visitors with their own juices. In the rock itself there are many abandoned cells, where hermit monks once lived.


In the place where Jesus was tempted by the devil, in the Judean desert on Mount Karantal (aka Forty-Day Mountain), there is a male Orthodox Greek Temptation Monastery, which is a popular tourist destination.
The monastery is not afraid of weather disasters, since it is almost completely located directly inside the mountain. Inside the monastery there is a special atmosphere - it is always cool and twilight reigns, in addition, the monastery has many icons of different centuries, as well as altars and crosses. The most important shrine of the monastery is a stone, on which, as is commonly believed, Jesus prayed.
Today, a Greek monk lives in the monastery.
The path to the monastery takes about 25 minutes on foot along a narrow winding path. However, a fairly long road up does not scare tourists - they come to see the sights from around the world.

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 В стоимость поездки не входит и оплачивается на месте: питание, если не куплено дополнительно, плата за фуникулер на гору Каранталь –15$/60шек

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