Excursion «21. Massada and the Dead Sea»

Important information

Massada and the Dead Sea – A journey to the lowest place in the world.

Masada – the ancient fortress, which is located near the city of Arad, near the southern coast of the Dead Sea. On top of one of the cliffs of the Judean Desert it was built here and hitherto preserved, though in ruins, the palace , the synagogue, armories, pits to collect rainwater and other ancillary buildings. Masada is a symbol of heroism of the Jewish people. When the Romans laid siege to Masada, its defenders – Zealots after months of siege, exhausted food and water, were killed in battle or committed suicide, but did not give up and did not become slaves. Not long ago Masada was added to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The bus tour goes through the Judean desert .

Bathing on the Dead Sea beach. Shop Dead Sea cosmetics.

*Additional payment for funicular – 25$/80₪.


Mount Massada, with a fortress at its peak, is located near the Dead Sea. The fortress reached a special peak in those years when King Herod, who fled from Jerusalem, settled in it. During his reign, a magnificent palace was built, city walls were strengthened, and the water supply system was improved. The ruins of an ancient synagogue were also found. In 73 AD, Massada was surrounded by the Romans. The defenders of the fortress understood that they could not hold back the enemy’s onslaught for a long time, and a terrible decision was made. Among the soldiers, ten people were selected who cut the throat of all the inhabitants of the fortress. Then, from among them, one soldier was chosen by lot, who killed all the others, and then committed suicide. Having burst into the fortress, the Romans saw almost untouched supplies of food and water, weapons and ... dead defenders and inhabitants.


There are a lot pf names of  Dead Sea. It is often called the “bottom of the world,” because it is located at the lowest point on earth. And in the biblical stories this unusual reservoir is reflected. They say that in the mixture for bonding bricks during the construction of the Tower of Babel, a composition was prepared based on the components contained in the Dead Sea. Used them to strengthen Noah's ark. On the shores of the Dead Sea, an excellent resort area has been created: hotels, motels, health and beauty centers that conduct procedures using sea water and therapeutic mud.

Условия отмены заказа:
При отмене туристом экскурсии менее чем за 3 дня – неустойка 100%


  • Опоздавшим и не вышедшим на экскурсию деньги не возвращаются.
  • За утерянные вещи фирма ответственности не несет.
  • Не принимаются заявки на экскурсии для детей младше 5 лет.
  • Ответственность за наличие индивидуального страхового полиса ложится на туриста.
  • Возможно ожидание туристами автобуса до 30 минут.
  • Услуги гида гарантируются только на время пребывания в крепости Массада.
  • Компания оставляет за собой право менять время выезда, о чем накануне сообщается туристу.
  • Компания не продает экскурсии с указанием мест в автобуcе.

Рекомендуем: Брать с собой на экскурсию питьевую воду, головной убор, солнцезащитные очки,  солнцезащитный крем, купальные принадлежности и резиновая обувь для вхождения в воду.

В стоимость поездок не входит и оплачивается на месте: Питание, если не куплено дополнительно., в рамках групповой экскурсии обязательный подъем на фуникулере в крепость Массада— 80 шек.~25$ на чел. 

Дополнительная информация: предусмотрено купание на пляже Мёртовго моря. 

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