Excursion «Masada and the Dead Sea»

массада Мертвое море Масада
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Before enjoying the natural beauties of theDead Sea, we have to see an equally majestic structure, on which both nature and human talent worked, namely – Masada Fortress. It was built at the very top of a high plateau that formed in the western part of the Dead Sea on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert. The fortress managed to survive during the II Temple Period, since it was located at a considerable distance from noisy and restless cities, and, moreover, the high plateau protected it favorably in terms of fortification.

Masada drew the attention of King Herod, whose reign was quite turbulent, and he needed to find a reliable refuge from many potential enemies. Herod did not limit himself to building impregnable fortifications. Behind their high walls, grandiose palace structures were built for the ruler and his subjects. In case of a siege, the basements were equipped with huge warehouses in which provisions for several months and weapons for an army of up to 10 thousand could be stored.

The engineering structures that provided water first to the Jewish Zealots and their families, who took refuge here in 66 AD during the uprising, and then in 72 during the siege of the fortress by the Roman army, are still amazing. They built a synagogue, ritual pools and expanded the water supply.

Mariana Trench – the largest depression on the bottom of the world's oceans. And we will be able to see the largest depression in the earth’s crust,  and this is the Dead Sea, since some of its depths reach 400 meters.

The sea stretches from north to south and from west to east, and its total area is about 1015 square kilometers. The Dead Sea is under "close scrutiny" sun rays, which every 100 years cause it to retreat from the coast by an average of 40 centimeters.

Despite some geological and geographical problems, the Dead Sea – a unique natural structure, the water of which is more healing than many medicines, and the products provided by the sea are used in cosmetics and in many areas of alternative medicine. You will see how quickly the resort area is developing, and how many comfortable hotels and health resorts have been built in a short time. There is every opportunity to relax and unwind after long journeys and trips.

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Dead Sea

There are a lot pf names of  Dead Sea. It is often called the “bottom of the world,” because it is located at the lowest point on earth. And in the biblical stories this unusual reservoir is reflected. They say that in the mixture for bonding bricks during the construction of the Tower of Babel, a composition was prepared based on the components contained in the Dead Sea. Used them to strengthen Noah's ark. On the shores of the Dead Sea, an excellent resort area has been created: hotels, motels, health and beauty centers that conduct procedures using sea water and therapeutic mud.


Mount Massada, with a fortress at its peak, is located near the Dead Sea. The fortress reached a special peak in those years when King Herod, who fled from Jerusalem, settled in it. During his reign, a magnificent palace was built, city walls were strengthened, and the water supply system was improved. The ruins of an ancient synagogue were also found. In 73 AD, Massada was surrounded by the Romans. The defenders of the fortress understood that they could not hold back the enemy’s onslaught for a long time, and a terrible decision was made. Among the soldiers, ten people were selected who cut the throat of all the inhabitants of the fortress. Then, from among them, one soldier was chosen by lot, who killed all the others, and then committed suicide. Having burst into the fortress, the Romans saw almost untouched supplies of food and water, weapons and ... dead defenders and inhabitants.