Excursion «Mystical Jerusalem. Friday the 13th»

бассейн Вифезда Дамасские ворота
Class Big bus
Type Group tour
Language Russian

A day of mystical events and strange coincidences - Friday the 13th. There couldn't be a better time to explore the hidden places of Jerusalem. Let's walk through the Israeli capital together. It breathes not only with a millennium of history but also with mysticism, and its urban legends can send chills down your spine. This is a Jerusalem you have never seen before.

The ancient Israeli capital is a place where the history of humanity has been transformed. It still remains the cradle of three religions and welcomes people from all corners of the globe. This blend creates a unique atmosphere on the city streets, one that can be felt only here.

Some corners of Jerusalem can only be described as places of power. During the excursion, we will visit them. We will also see the Israeli capital in a slightly different light, as many objects in it are not what they seem.

The program includes:

  1. Shechem Gate (underground), Lithostratos (Adrian's Forum, column).
  2. Cardo and Via Dolorosa, Bethesda Pools (the healing miracle of Jesus). St. Anne's Church.
  3. Lion's Gate - legends of lions, Baibars, Sultan Suleiman.
  4. Legends and tombs of Kidron, the shadowy Valley of Jehoshaphat, entrance to the tombs.
  5. Walking tour along Kidron and Gehenna (Gehenna Fire).

Jerusalem is full of mysteries. It is unlikely that we will ever unravel them all, but it's worth a try!


Thematic tour on May 13th!

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  • Visiting holy places is permitted only in modest clothing (shoulders and knees must be covered).
  • Physical activity level: 4/5

We recommend: take drinking water, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes with you on the excursion.

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Way of the Cross. Via Dolorosa

On the way from the Roman praetorium to Calvary passed the mournful path of Jesus Christ.  Fourteen forced stops were made along the way, due to circumstances stopping the sad procession, now called stations. Small churches or chapels were built on the site of the first ten stations. The remaining four can be seen in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Having walked along the Way of the Cross, you can see and feel what Jesus had to endure.(In the excursion you will visit the last 5 points)

Kidron Valley

Often mentioned in the Bible, the Kidron is a  valley wich stretches thirty-five kilometers from the Old City of Jerusalem. For people of various religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), the valley is a revered holy place. It is commonly believed that in the valley of Kedronska (in translation - gloomy), one day the dead will appear before God's Court, who will be resurrected after hearing the trumpet of the archangel. Therefore, in this place for centuries  have been cemeteries of three religions. The mystical Kedron Valley attracts many believers, because here is the tomb of the Virgin, the tomb of Absalom (the third son of David), as well as the tomb of the brother of Christ - the Apostle James. In addition, it is believed that through this valley Jesus held his way to Jerusalem.

It is worth noting that here is the famous source of Gihon, which, at one time, supplied water to all of Jerusalem.

St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's Catholic Church is located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old Town, near the Lion's Gate.
St. Anne's Church is dedicated to the parents of the Virgin Mary, St. Joachim and St. Anne, and is located near the birthplace of the Virgin Mary.
According to the common tradition, which is equally adhered to by Orthodox and Catholics, the Virgin Mary was born in the house of Joachim and Anna, which was located in the northeastern part of Jerusalem.