Excursion «163. Beit Shearim Necropolis and Tzipori»

Class «Tourist class»
Type Group tour
Language Russian

Beit She'arim. Sometimes referred to as the Necropolis (City of the Dead), this place holds the mysteries and secrets of antiquity within its astonishing burial caves. We will decipher the inscriptions on sarcophagi and uncover the identities of the great individuals buried here.

The City of the Dead, hidden in ruins, was hewn into the rock almost two thousand years ago. It is remarkable how ancient engineers precisely crafted a network of corridors and tunnels. This abode of the deceased remains unscathed by earthquakes. To this day, this cave is considered the safest place in Israel.

Zippori. We will stroll through the ruins of this ancient city. Magnificent mosaics have been beautifully preserved here, including the Galilean Mona Lisa, captivating with its beauty. The depiction of the zodiac signs in the synagogue invites contemplation on faith and symbols in Judaism. Ancient streets and houses have been wonderfully preserved here. The scale of the water reservoir is awe-inspiring!

We await your arrival to immerse you in a world of fairy tales, legends, and mysteries.


Thematic excursion on July 25!

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Beit Shearim

Beit Shearim

In the Lower Galilee, at its southern foothills, 20 kilometers from Haifa, if you go east, near Kiryat Tivon, is the Beit Shearim National Park. It is famous for its archaeological finds. The park is located in an area where historians have found the remains of an ancient settlement and necropolis.