Excursion «101. On a visit to the good Samaritans. Shrines of Mount Grisim»

Самария Гора Гризим
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The Samaritans are one of the most interesting, distinctive, and ancient Israeli communities.
To get acquainted with them, we will go to Mount Gerizim.

Attention! Visiting holy places is allowed only in modest clothing (shoulders and knees must be covered).


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  • Visiting holy places is permitted only in modest clothing (shoulders and knees must be covered).
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Mount Grisim

Near Mount Gerizim in the village of Kiryat Luza live representatives of a small ethno-religious group of Samaritans, descendants of Assyrian settlers who mixed with the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Israel, conquered in 722-721 BC. e. Assyria. Today, Gerizim serves the same role for the Samaritans as the Temple Mount did for the Jews. The only difference is that the Samaritans do not mourn the destruction of the Temple (since they do not recognize its holiness), but, on the contrary, actively conduct ritual services on their sacred mountain, make Easter sacrifices, and the high priest blesses the people during three holidays - Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot.

Feedback (2)

Date of excursion: 17.10.2019
, Haifa,

Благодарим экскурсовода Алексея: прекрасная экскурсия, очень подготовленный специалист. Водитель Юлиан обеспечил комфортабельную поездку по непростым дорогам.

We thank the guide Alexey: a wonderful excursion, a very trained specialist. The driver Julian provided a comfortable ride on difficult roads.

Date of excursion: 17.10.2019
, Herzliya,

Огромное спасибо экскурсовод у Алексею за красочную и увлекательную экскурсию, интересный и познавательный рассказ о самаритянах. Отдельная благодарность водителю Юлиану за очень аккуратную езду по горному серпантину. С ним было комфортно и не страшно!

Many thanks to our guide Alexey for a colorful and exciting excursion, an interesting and informative story about the Samaritans. Special thanks to the driver Julian for his very careful driving along the mountain serpentine road. It was comfortable and not scary with him!