Excursion «120. Hatzbani Nature Reserve, Snir River»

Река Снир
Река Снир
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Nahal Snir begins its journey on Mount Hermon, which is located in Lebanon, and flows through the Upper Galilee in Israel. Along with the waters of the Dan and Hermon rivers, it feeds the majestic Jordan River. Snir is one of the two names for this river, while the Arabs call it Al-Hasbani. The shortened form, Hasbani, is also used in Israel.

Among the three tributaries of the Jordan River, the Hasbani is the longest, stretching for 65 km. It never runs dry, which is rare for Israel with its hot climate.

Snir and its surroundings are perfect for long walks in silence, coolness, accompanied by the singing of birds, the sound of water, and the rustle of trees overhead. During your time here, your brain and senses will greatly relax, providing a digital detox. However, don't leave your phone at home and take it out a few times along the way. The picturesque views are worth capturing in your memory. We will walk directly on the water, with the stream serving as our path, and the dense trees forming a corridor.

The route passes through Etzba HaGalil, which translates to "Galilee Finger." This narrow, elongated projection runs parallel to the Hula Valley. Its shape indeed resembles a finger, hence the name. The area is famous for its magnificent views, including the nearby Golan Heights, the Jordan River and its tributaries - the Dan and Banias rivers, and several small settlements.

Along the way, the guide will share stories about the places we will visit during the walk. And since you are likely to get hungry on the journey, the tastings will be very welcome.

Remember to bring drinking water, a hat, sunglasses, closed shoes for entering the water, a swimsuit, and a towel for the excursion.

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We recommend: Take with you on the excursion drinking water, a hat, sunglasses, replacement closed shoes for entering the water, a swimsuit, a towel.

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Snir River

The Nahal Snir River is a mountain river of the Upper Galilee, one of the three tributaries of the Jordan River along with the Dan and Hermon (Banias) rivers.

Nahal Snir, the longest of the tributaries of the Jordan (65 km), a river with a powerful current and a rocky bottom, one of the few rivers that does not dry up in Israel.

Etsba Hah Galil

The Finger of Galilee is the northern border region of Israel, for which the creators and residents of the settlements of Tel Hai, Metula, and Kfar Giladi fought. A protrusion along the Hula Valley in northern Israel, in its elongated and narrow shape, truly resembles a finger.

Etzba HaGalil is part of the Upper Galilee, annexed to the British Mandate of Palestine in 1923.