Excursion «14. Cities of the Seaside Valley»

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The Yarkon Park, also known as the Gardens of Joshua, is located in the northern part of Tel Aviv along the Yarkon River and is one of the beautiful places to visit in the city. This park is a true "green lung" and is popular among both locals and tourists seeking a place to relax. Take a stroll along the man-made lake, see the mill on the Yarkon River, and admire the stone and cactus garden.

Let's continue our exploration of Tel Aviv in ancient Jaffa, a city steeped in legends and folklore. Nowadays, it is mainly populated by artists. We will witness many interesting sights, including the Zodiac Bridge, known for granting wishes, a unique tree growing detached from the ground, and the famous Andromeda's Rock, which is associated with an equally fascinating legend.

We will conclude our journey along the coastal valley in Caesarea.

Here, we will visit the Ralli Museum, a private museum of fine art. It is housed in a specially designed original building, showcasing permanent and temporary exhibitions featuring artists from around the world, according to the tastes of the owners. The second-floor gallery showcases the works of Salvador Dali.

We will also take a walk along the ancient aqueduct, see the sculpture park, and observe the remains of Byzantine mosaics.

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Ancient Jaffa (Jafo / Jaffa)

In antiquity - the main port city of Israel, currently - the artistic and historical center of Tel Aviv. Jaffa attracts a huge number of tourists. The city of Jaffa has a centuries-old history, during which it was repeatedly conquered and constantly changing. It is believed that  in this city  Noah’s ark was built, and here Perseus liberated Andromeda. Today, Jaffa is a popular place among tourists who like to stroll slowly through its many streets, where an indescribable mysterious atmosphere reigns. There are many restaurants, markets, galleries, museums. There is also an underground museum where numerous objects found during archaeological excavations are presented.
On the streets of Jaffa, you can always see a lot of creative people, for example, artists paint pictures here during the day, and in the evening musicians delight the hearing of passers-by with their compositions.
Jaffa today is an incredible combination of antiquity and modernity, a quiet corner in the bustling Tel Aviv.

Ralli Museum

The relatively new Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art Rally, located in Caesarea (founded in the last decade of the twentieth century), is a popular destination for tourists. The museum is 700 square meters located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in a park area. The aim pursued by the founders of the museum is to draw people's attention to the visual art of Latin America. Four such museums have already been opened in the world today. Each of them exists without a commercial connotation, that is, admission here is free (which greatly expands the circle of visitors), and the museum has no cafes, no retail outlets, or souvenir shops. Also, on the way to the museum building, guests will enjoy a walk through a cozy courtyard, which contains many sculptures (including sculptures by Salvador Dali) and fountains.

Rothschild Park

Not far from Zikhron Yaakov (large settlement) is a park built and named after Baron Rothschild. In the depths of the park is the tomb of the baron and his wife.
Entrance to the park is free. The vast territory of the park is well-groomed and equipped. Walking along the paved paths, it is pleasant to admire a variety of plants: here you will find palm trees, acacia trees, and a huge number of beautiful roses in different shades. The park has many neat lawns and small trimmed bushes, there are small artificial waterfalls, as well as man-made ponds, in which there are a lot of lilies and goldfish.
One part of the park called the “Garden of Smells” is specially equipped for blind people. A large number of medicinal plants grow here, publishing pleasant aromas. Near each plant is a tablet with a description in several languages ​​(including Braille).

Tel Aviv

This city is only a hundred years old. Tel Aviv is surrounded by beaches: the city lies on the Mediterranean coast, on its eastern side. The streets of the seaside town here are bizarre and beautifully combined with modern quarters built up with skyscrapers.

Tel Aviv is noisy and different, a real metropolis. There are educational institutions,  representative offices of foreign countries, museums with galleries, business centers,  restaurants with hotels. Already from this list it is clear that the city lives a full life, knows how to work and relax. Also,  Tel Aviv is famous for temples: they have interesting architecture.

It's great to admire the city from above. Apparently, this is why both local residents and guests love the observation deck on the 49th floor of one of the city's skyscrapers. The view from here is stunning! A visit can be combined with breakfast, lunch or dinner - there is also a good restaurant.