Excursion «171. Akko. Halls of the Crusaders. Mearat Keshet»

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Shuni Fortress
In the distant past, this place was the village of Shuni, mentioned in the Talmud. Archaeologists have found a Roman amphitheater and various industrial structures here, including a large oil press built during the Ottoman Empire in the 18th.

Basalton is a real open-air museum with unique, one-of-a-kind basalt sculptures.

Akko. Halls of the Crusaders
You will be able to see the ancient fortress walls, the oriental bazaar, the ancient streets of Turkish times, the ancient seaport, and the underground halls of the Crusader castle with your own eyes.

Mearat a-Keshet
The rock where the rainbow-like cave is located. In ancient times it was a large cave, closed on all sides. The arch we can see today was formed by water washout and weathering of soft chalk rocks over many millions of years.


Thematic excursion on June 26!

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It is the city, within the walls of which is still heard the clang of swords and armor of the crusaders and war cries calling for battle. Acre is saturated with history and time has no power over this place. Sometimes it seems that it is moving perfectly in a chaotic direction. Monuments of the past and present mixed together here, but they appeared far from architectural badness, on the contrary brought a special atmosphere.
There is an ancient port, and fortresses of the crusaders, and Turkish baths (hamams), mosques and even a magical garden built during the crusaders. Among all the historical diversity it is difficult to single out one thing.: the city keeps the secret of the Templars, it hosted Napoleon, the legendary king Richard the Lionheart, and despite all the warriors, rulers and conquerors, Acre has never interrupted its settlement for more than five millennia and is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Crusader Halls in Acre

The city of Acre, which is one of the most ancient cities in the world, is of particular interest to tourists. The city has a huge number of historical monuments of different centuries, however, the underground city of the crusaders is of the greatest value (after all, it was in Acre that the crusaders settled during the Crusades).
It is no secret that it was the city of Acre that for a long time was the capital of the Kingdom of the Crusaders. Today, every tourist has a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the huge complex, most of which is located underground. The complex includes monasteries, temples, castles, underground passages. One of the most impressive rooms underground, undoubtedly, is the Knights' Hall of the Hospitallers (this room is currently used for concerts).
The underground premises of knights of the Middle Ages are decorated with the banners of the crusaders. There is a special lighting in the halls, which creates an even more mysterious and mysterious atmosphere.