Excursion «199. Gardens of immortality and a visit to Yarka»

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The Gardens of Immortality (Ganey Elmona) are located in the village of Julis. This place resembles paradise. Najee Abbas and his family created the garden to immortalize the memory of their parents, Muna and Rashid.

People come here to relax and escape the noise and hustle of everyday life, to unwind in a beautiful and pleasant environment surrounded by an array of flowers, listening to the birds singing and the sound of flowing water. You can wander through the garden like in a magical labyrinth, sit on one of the whimsical benches or woven chairs, and sway on equally whimsical swings.

Visitors come here to take thousands of photos and take a piece of paradise with them.

We will also get acquainted with the village of Julis itself. It is named in honor of Julius Caesar and is sometimes referred to as the "Druze Vatican" because Amin Tarif, the spiritual leader of the Druze, lived there.

Our next stop is the village of Yarka. This Druze village is famous for its large shopping center, where the spirit of Christmas and New Year prevails. It hosts a New Year's fair with beautifully decorated Christmas trees, garlands, ornaments, and balloons. It is definitely worth seeing, and it will surely bring you into the festive mood.


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El Moon Garden. Julis

El Muna Garden is located in the Druze village of Julis in northern Israel. All this splendor is situated in a private home, and entry is free. The abundance of details and colors is truly mesmerizing.

This is a private garden created by the efforts of a Druze family. In recent years, they have even hosted weddings, bar mitzvahs, and, of course, welcomed tourists. The garden is located on a slope of a mountain, making it multi-level with small terraces filled with plants, sculptures, fountains, and waterfalls. The sculptures and decorations vary greatly, often featuring primitive designs, but there are also authentic ancient artifacts, interesting old household items, and contemporary craftwork. The garden offers many cozy corners for relaxation and contemplation.

Yarka village

The largest Druze village in Israel is Yarka, located in Western Galilee, north of Acre, and 42 kilometers from Haifa. It is believed that the village is named after Hushai from Archi, an advisor to King David, who is buried in this location. His tomb is visited by both Druze and Jewish people. Yarka is known for its large commercial center.