Excursion «561. New Year's Yarka. Wonder of nature - Cave-arc»

Меарат а-Кешет Бахайские сады Бахайские сады
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Type Group tour
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Visiting Haifa in December is a truly magical experience. The streets, restaurants, and shops are beautifully decorated for the holiday season. We will explore the unique Baha'i Gardens in Haifa, but it's important to ensure that your attire is appropriate for visiting this religious site.

We will also witness the natural wonder of the Arch Cave and embark on a short hike suitable for all ages. Continuing our journey to the northern part of Israel, we will venture into the Upper Galilee Mountains. As you ascend the winding mountain roads, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Israel's natural beauty. The road to "Mearat al-Keshet" - the Arch Cave located at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level - is picturesque and captivating, offering delightful views at every turn.

To conclude our excursion, we will visit the vibrant city of Yarka during the New Year's festivities. Here, we can explore the Christmas bazaar and indulge in some delightful shopping opportunities.


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Bahai Gardens in Haifa

The spiritual center on Mount Carmel in Haifa is one of the holiest places for Baha'i practitioners, the youngest monotheistic religion in the world. The center includes a temple, a tomb where the remains of the Bab, the ancestor of the faith, and famous gardens rest.

The tomb is an impressive building crowned by a gilded dome. It is equipped with a backlight. Thanks to her, the dome is illuminated at night, but so that it seems as if the source of radiance is inside it.

To get to the tomb, the guest have to go through the gardens that terraces cover the slope of Mount Carmel. There are twelve in all. Seeing this incredible work of human hands, you will understand why the gardens are called the eighth wonder of the world. The local collection contains about 450 species of various plants, among which there are unique flowers. Shrubs are sheared, and you probably will not find lawns more even and greener in the city. Add to this the fountains - isn't it awesome? Bahai Gardens is a monument not only to faith and its founder, but also to the harmony and great taste of architects.

Rainbow Cave

Rainbow Cave

Nature gave the Western Galilee its whimsical creation, which has become one of Israel's most popular tourist attractions.

The Rainbow Cave, or arch cave, is so named because it really looks like an arch-arc. Only it is made of stone and not by hand, but by the force of nature.

Once it was the most ordinary "deaf" mountain. But water - drop by drop - chiseled away the rock. The painstaking work lasted hundreds of thousands of years, and now there is a hole in the mountain, making its upper part look like a bridge. It's hard to believe that all this is not the work of human hands!

Going to the cave, dress in such a way that it is comfortable to walk. You will have to move on the rocks.


Try to describe Haifa in a few words, and... and you will fail. You can travel to this city alone or with the family. It does not matter how old you are, what kind of relaxation you prefer and what impressions you long for. No one will feel bored here. No wonder they say that "Haifa is full of high".

Founded in a time before remembering and known since the Roman era, today's Haifa is a metropolis. It proudly bears two honorary titles: the country's main port and northern capital.

There are two must see objects in the city – small and huge one. The first is the underground funicular train. The tiniest in the world! It has a poetic name – "Carmelit." All because the train rolls through the tunnel, penetrating the Mount Carmel.


The second is a huge Bahai temple, the domes of which can be seen from everywhere in the city, and its gardens. Baha'i faith is one of the world’s youngest monotheistic religions.

Yarka village

The largest Druze village in Israel is Yarka, located in Western Galilee, north of Acre, and 42 kilometers from Haifa. It is believed that the village is named after Hushai from Archi, an advisor to King David, who is buried in this location. His tomb is visited by both Druze and Jewish people. Yarka is known for its large commercial center.