Excursion «Zurich. History»

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Zuri is the name given to one of the most expensive cities in the world by its residents.
But does Zurich really belong to them, or are the true owners located on Paradeplatz (aka Säumärt, aka Neumarkt), the largest money market in Switzerland? The same square, where in the 50s. XX century brought one of the versions of the Venetian pasta - and
called Luxemburgerli, and a century earlier, a train station could have been built, and even earlier, nearby, the crossbow of the national hero of the confederation was kept. Was there Karl, from whom the kings and bells on the churches. And did the snakes give him a magic ring, from which love even after the coffin?

Lime yard - observation deck
Church of St. Peter
Paradeplatz - scandalous galleries and big names
Fraumünster - frescoes about key moments in the history of the city
Mayors of medieval Zurich
Wasserkirche - Celts, Romans, Zwingli
Guilds of Zurich - Six Rings
Opera theatre

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