Excursion «106. Making dreams come true»

Древнее кладбище Исполнение желаний Гора Мирон Амука
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In the world, there are many "places of power" – locations where it seems that different laws are at work, unlike anywhere else. These are places where the sky feels closer, and all requests – whether for work, prosperity, a life partner, or a child – have a greater chance of being heard, and the most secret desires have a higher chance of coming true.

Israel stands out as one such place on its own. Here, the connection with higher forces is felt almost physically. Everyone who visits the Holy Land can sense it. It is no coincidence that the country's name in Hebrew, "Eretz Yisrael," etymologically traces back to "ratzon," which translates to "desire," and "Yisrael" to "straight to the Creator."

The desires made here are sent directly to the One who fulfills them. On this journey, you can bring your dreams of finances, business success, family, and children, and return home to experience their fulfillment.

In Israel, holy places are considered the resting places of renowned Kabbalists. These individuals were recognized as holy even during their lifetime, and after their passing, they only confirmed their status. In these places, where their remains are buried, inexplicable phenomena often occur that can only be described as miracles. People come here to pray for their most sacred desires and to address the Creator with their most important requests. But it's not only that. In these holy places, you will also encounter people whose wishes have come true. They come to thank the saints for their grace.

There are five holy places. They are like small, clean, well-maintained mausoleums.

  1. Mount Meron: The highest peak in the Galilee region (1,208 meters). People come here to honor the memory of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and his son Elazar, who were great Kabbalists and authored the foundational book of Kabbalah, the Zohar. Requests for health strengthening are often addressed to them. It is believed that this place protects against the evil eye and purifies the energy.

  2. The Tomb of Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilaya: People come here to seek assistance in financial matters – to improve their financial situation, advance in their careers, and find good jobs. Those you see here have come to address issues related to money and business.

  3. Amuka: The heart of the journey. It is called the Valley of Love, and for good reason. Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel is buried here, considered the greatest Torah scholar. He is the patron saint of family and all things related to it. If you are seeking love, a life partner, peace in the family, or dreams of a child and harmony with children, come here, and your prayers will be heard.

  4. The Ancient Cemetery in Safed: People turn to Rabbi Ari HaKadosh (the Holy; his secular name is Isaac Luria Ashkenazi) to request health and a happy destiny. Rabbi Luria lived during the Middle Ages, was a theologian, and created a new stream of Kabbalah. Today, at the place where his body rests, there is also a spring. The water from it is considered holy.

  5. Benaiah ben Jehoiada: It is believed that he helps in legal and administrative disputes. People also come here to resolve issues related to military service. The saint does not refuse even in the most difficult cases. It is believed that he protects even in situations where solutions seemed impossible.

During this journey, you will have the opportunity to visit these holy places, connect with higher powers, and offer your deepest desires. It is an experience that combines spirituality, faith, and the belief that in Israel, dreams can be realized.


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Grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai

After the Romans declared the study of Torah illegal, Rabbi Shimon publicly spoke out against this injustice. As a result, the Romans sentenced him to death. Rabbi Shimon and his son found refuge in a cave where they subsisted on carob fruits and drank water from a spring. They hid in the cave for thirteen years, devoting their time to studying the Torah. They studied both the revealed and the hidden aspects of the Torah. Rabbi Shimon was the first to record the hidden Torah, and these writings are known as the book "Zohar."

The grave of Rabbi Yehuda Bar Eli

The burial place of Rabbi Yehuda Bar Ilai is a site where people seek solutions to their financial problems, assistance in finding employment, and career advancement - anything related to the word "money." You can also seek guidance on the path to take in business and whether it is worth opening your own business.


Amuka (from the word "amok" - deep) is a gem of a journey - the Valley of Love. Here lies the grave of one of the greatest Torah sages - Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel. Here, you can make any request related to the word "family" - love, life companionship (for those who are single). You can seek family well-being, children - for those who are childless, and understanding for those who have children.

Benayahu Ben Yehoad's grave

Benaiah Ben Jehoiada - at his tomb, people seek help in resolving legal and administrative disputes, resolving issues with military service. But most importantly, at this place, they seek assistance in resolving matters that were previously considered unsolvable!

The grave of Rabbi David u Moshe

This is a place of fulfilling the Sacred Wish. To have it fulfilled, we will seek the assistance of Rabbi David U-Moshe and purchase 40 candles on-site. We will light one candle at the location, and take the rest with us to light at home every day.

Tomb of Rambam - Moshe Ben Maimon

The Maimonides Memorial in Tiberias, located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, is dedicated to the great 12th-century Jewish scholar Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides).

The study and interpretation of the Torah were central to his life's work. Maimonides left a vast body of work encompassing philosophy, ethics, medicine, mathematics, physics, and astronomy. He authored the religious work "Mishneh Torah" ("Repetition of the Torah") and provided commentaries on numerous religious matters.

Grave of Rabbi Meir Baal A-Nas

The location of his tomb is exceptionally beautiful. From the hill, there is a wonderful panorama of the Sea of Galilee. Nearby, there is a busy highway, and just a few meters away is an open-air museum that includes ancient Roman baths, mineral hot springs, and excavations of a synagogue built in the 4th century. Partially preserved in the synagogue are mosaic depictions of the Ark of the Covenant, Hanukkah menorah, lulav, zodiac signs, and other Jewish symbols.

Feedback (2)

Date of excursion: 31.01.2020
, Netanya,

Экскурсия вообщем понравилась,единственное не очень удобные и тесные кресла в автобусе,наша гид Ирина Неелова очень нам понравилась, интересно и познавательно обо всём рассказывала,супер!!!

In general, we liked the excursion, the only thing was that the seats on the bus were not very comfortable and cramped, we really liked our guide Irina Neelova, she told us about everything in an interesting and informative way, super!!!

Date of excursion: 15.11.2019
, Haifa,

Большое спасибо за замечательную экскурсию всем ее создателям и участникам. Профессиональный гид Ирина Неелова, необычная наполняющая программа, таинственная атмосфера гармонии и чуда...

Many thanks to all its creators and participants for a wonderful excursion. Professional guide Irina Neelova, an unusual filling program, a mysterious atmosphere of harmony and miracle...