Excursion «35. Utopia Park. Rally Museum. Rothschild Park»

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Utopia Park, the Ralli Museum, Park Rothschild.
Botanical Gardens Utopia is the park of orchids, cactuses and butterflies, man-made caves, utopian paradise, the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest.

There are cells with multicolored parrots and other exotic birds. A living area with spotted deers and several lawns with sculptures of animals made of bushes and trees.

The Ralli Museum is a private museum of fine arts. Specially built building where constant and temporary picture exhibitions painted by the artists from all over the world were arranged according to the tastes of the owners. Second floor gallery presents Salvador Dali masterpieces.

The Ramat Hanadiv park is named after Baron Rothschild. Amazing gardens are around Baron Rothschild family crypt. One can find himself on points of view with breathtaking landscapes of Carmel sea shore, ancient villa, a cave and a spring, a palace and a lot of other attracting places of interest.


Not far from Zikhron Yaakov (large settlement) is a park built and named after Baron Rothschild. In the depths of the park is the tomb of the baron and his wife.
Entrance to the park is free. The vast territory of the park is well-groomed and equipped. Walking along the paved paths, it is pleasant to admire a variety of plants: here you will find palm trees, acacia trees, and a huge number of beautiful roses in different shades. The park has many neat lawns and small trimmed bushes, there are small artificial waterfalls, as well as man-made ponds, in which there are a lot of lilies and goldfish.
One part of the park called the “Garden of Smells” is specially equipped for blind people. A large number of medicinal plants grow here, publishing pleasant aromas. Near each plant is a tablet with a description in several languages ​​(including Braille).


The relatively new Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art Rally, located in Caesarea (founded in the last decade of the twentieth century), is a popular destination for tourists. The museum is 700 square meters located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in a park area. The aim pursued by the founders of the museum is to draw people's attention to the visual art of Latin America. Four such museums have already been opened in the world today. Each of them exists without a commercial connotation, that is, admission here is free (which greatly expands the circle of visitors), and the museum has no cafes, no retail outlets, or souvenir shops. Also, on the way to the museum building, guests will enjoy a walk through a cozy courtyard, which contains many sculptures (including sculptures by Salvador Dali) and fountains.


Utopia was opened in 2006, and it has already become one of the favorite vacation spots for both Israelis and guests. The most convenient way to get here is from Netanya - the park is located very close.

At 40 thousand square meters here is a gigantic collection of a variety of plants. Among them are many unusual - exotic and even predators. And also orchids, replete with flowers and shades, and a separate area dedicated exclusively to roses.

Utopia is not a botanical garden. There is a small animal park where you can admire colorful peacocks, important pheasants, listen to noisy parrots, meet ostriches and sika deer. And then relax, watching the waterfalls and the singing fountain. Go around it: the backlight is different on all sides. After that, refresh yourself at a local cafe, and then welcome to the vibrant green mazes! There are two of them here.

Guests who are brought to the park by a love of nature, on the way back, drop in a shop located at the entrance. It has a good selection of garden care tools, as well as plants, especially orchids, of which there are so many in Utopia.

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