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It is well known that Jerusalem is not only the capital of the State of Israel today but also a city with a history of over 3500 years. Moreover, it is a city where three religions coexist: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

On this day, we would like to introduce you to the history of this ancient city.

Sergeyevskoye Podvorye in Jerusalem.

Located in the center of Jerusalem, this two-story building was originally part of the Russian compound. It was personally funded by Prince Romanov Sergey Alexandrovich, with additional financing from the Orthodox Imperial Palestinian Society.

Trinity Cathedral (Holy Trinity Church).

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Jerusalem, the cathedral is made of pinkish-brown bricks and has ten green-colored domes crafted by Tula artisans.

Safra Square.

A beautiful architectural building, Safra Square, with its open and spacious design, complements and enhances the view of Jerusalem's City Hall. The square connects West and East Jerusalem, symbolizing equality.

Solomon and King David Street.

Montefiore Windmill.

Proudly bearing the name of its creator, Sir Moses Montefiore, a British Jew, the windmill stands as a testament to his efforts in establishing the first Jewish settlement outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. He built this four-story windmill to provide bread and income for the community. Unfortunately, the desired winds to turn the mill's grinding stones were absent in this area.

Ein Karem. Monastery of St. John the Baptist.

Amidst coniferous forests on the southern slope of Troodos, a male monastery named after John the Baptist (the Forerunner) is situated. While the first written mentions of the monastery date back to the 15th century, local archaeologists believe that the monastery was built in the 12th century. In any case, this historical structure and magnificent landscapes will leave a pleasant impression on you and provide beautiful sights.

John the Baptist in the Mountains.

The desert landscape gives way to dense coniferous forests. Following this path, you will be rewarded with charming panoramas from the elevated vantage point.

Additionally, we will visit the Monastery of the Cross.

I hope you find this information helpful! Let me know if you need further assistance.


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Ein Karem

One of the districts of Jerusalem, located on the outskirts of the city, is Ein Karem. This area consists of hills densely covered with vegetation, on which temples and monasteries are located.  In Ein Karem  John the Baptist was born.
In Ein Karem, a source holy to Christians beats, from which, according to legend, the Virgin Mary drank water (therefore, the source was named after her). On the territory of the Russian convent there is a stone, sitting on which, John the Baptist himself read sermons.
Ein Karem is a favorite place for tourists and residents of Jerusalem, because it is interesting both from a historical point of view and from a vacation point of view. Today, there are several restaurants in the Jerusalem area that serve a variety of local dishes.
A tour of the western outskirts of the city of Jerusalem will allow you to touch the history and enjoy the magnificent views from the hilly area.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is the main church of the Russian Theological Mission in Jerusalem and belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.
The one-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral at the Russian Theological Mission was built in the center of the Russian suburbs at the expense of the people of the Russian Empire.
Holy Trinity Cathedral is a Neo-Byzantine style temple of pinkish cream stone with 10 green domes of Tula casting, which soon became a recognizable landmark of Jerusalem.

YMCA in Jerusalem

The Young Men's Christian Association building is one of Jerusalem's most famous landmarks. Every detail of the building, with its elegant arches, domes and towers, has been described in the world press, which hailed the complex as a source of cultural, sporting, social and intellectual life.
The interior, however, is even more striking. Decorative elements of the three Abrahamic religions are skillfully interwoven here.

In the concert hall 12 windows of the dome symbolize 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles of Jesus Christ and 12 followers of the Prophet Muhammad. The cross, crescent moon and Star of David are visible in the chandeliers.

Monastery of the Holy Cross

One of the most famous monasteries in the Holy Land, it is known as the Monastery of the Georgian Glory or the Monastery in the Name of the Holy Cross. Within its walls, the renowned Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli once resided.


Jerusalem is not only the capital of modern Israel, but also a city which, for many centuries, has been the "center of the world" for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

No other city on the planet can  compare with it, because only Jerusalem has such a rich spiritual and historical attraction.

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Date of excursion: 24.12.2019
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24.12.19 мы совершили чудесное путешествие в Иерусалим. Это была частная эксрурсия для группы из 12 человек( рабочий коллектив), нам нужен был гид, говорящий на русском и английском языках. Нам очень повезло- гид Евгений Шуль с первых минут в атобусе и до окончания экскурсии не замолкал ни на минуту, просто захватил нас всех интереснейшими рассказами и историями о древнем Иерусалиме. И хочется отметить услужливого и внимательного водителя Константина. На обратном пути по нашей просьбе он сделал несколько удобных остановок для высадки людей. Все были в восторге от великолепно проведенного дня! Спасибо огромное!

On 12/24/19 we made a wonderful trip to Jerusalem. This was a private excursion for a group of 12 people (work team), we needed a guide who spoke Russian and English. We were very lucky - the guide Evgeniy Shul, from the first minutes on the bus until the end of the excursion, did not stop talking for a minute, he simply captivated us all with the most interesting stories and stories about ancient Jerusalem. And I would like to mention the helpful and attentive driver Konstantin. On the way back, at our request, he made several convenient stops to disembark people. Everyone was delighted with a great day! Thanks a lot!