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42. Walking Jerusalem

4. Jerusalem Underground

198. Jerusalem of the 19th century - going beyond the city walls

179. Jewish Jerusalem and Yad Vashem

166. Irodion and Jerusalem

121. Bulgakov and Jerusalem

195. Lavra of Sava the Sanctified and the Shrine of Bethlehem

114. Mountains and ravines of Jerusalem

128. Northern tale

182. Safed and the tombs of the righteous

193. Holly Springs of Galilee

40. Along the valleys and mountains of the north

106. Making dreams come true

185. Traveling with the Tanach in his hands

508. Christmas in Haifa

518. Evening Haifa

512. Christmas in Nazareth

157. Masons in Jerusalem

153. Walks in Jerusalem and its environs

136. Jerusalem - Via Dolorosa

200. Walks on modern Jerusalem

123. Herodion and Pontius Pilate's riddles

516. Hanukkah in Jerusalem. Evening tour

510. Christmas in Jerusalem

511. Christmas in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

532. New Year Shopping in Jerusalem

New Year at the Dead Sea 30.12-02.01 (Daniel)

New Year at the Dead Sea from 30.12-02.01 (David)

New Year in Eilat 30.12-02.01 (Astral Maris)

New Year in Eilat 30.12-02.01 (Vista)

New Year in the North 30.12-01.01 (Nof Ginosar)

158. Hebron. The secret of the Cave of Machpelah

506. Epiphany in Qasr al-Yahud

160. From temple to temple

542. Christmas Tel Aviv

543. Christmas in Bethlehem

199. Gardens of immortality and a visit to Yarka

201. Horns of Hittin and Magdala

544. New Year's Haifa

202. Family walk. Ride on the arched pool. Truck Museum

545. The Christian North in Christmas Lights